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A Quick Guide on Where to Charge EVs in Singapore

A Quick Guide on Where to Charge EVs in Singapore

As an electric vehicle owner, I know the ins and outs of navigating this tiny island while keeping my dependable EV charged and ready to go anytime. 

I learned the hard way as my EV ran out of power in the middle of the street. So let me guide you on where to charge EVs in Singapore and prevent inconvenience for you and others.

Places Where You Can Charge Your Electric Vehicle

In Singapore, charging stations are placed thoughtfully so EV owners can recharge using various services. As of 2023, there are about 3,600 charging points in Singapore.

Companies like Shell, SP Mobility, and Bluecharge provide a comprehensive charging infrastructure network around the city. 

With such a wide range of alternatives, Singapore guarantees EV owners easy access to trustworthy charging stations, making switching to electric mobility simple and painless.


Photo from Bluecharge Station Map


Number of Charging Points and Stations: 380+

Operating hours: Open 24 Hours


  • $1 / hour of charging for the first 3 hours
  • $2 / hour of charging for the next hours
  • $20 / yearly subscription fee

The biggest electric vehicle charging network in Singapore is operated by Bluecharge. They urge car owners to convert from gasoline and diesel to electric vehicles. 

They have over 380 EV charging stations dispersed throughout Singapore. Their network offers a strong and trustworthy system, as they monitor them 24/7. 

Bluecharge also allows making a charge point reservation up to 45 minutes in advance. 

Shell Recharge

Shell Recharge
Photo from Shell Recharge Station Locator


Number of Charging Stations: 22

Operating hours: Open 24 Hours


  • Fast charging price ranges from $0.42 to $0.55 per kWh
  • Slow charging price ranges from $2 to $3 per kWh

Shell Recharge provides EV drivers with a practical way to charge their electric vehicles with their rapid 50kW direct current (DC) chargers. 

These chargers are compatible with most EVs and deliver a 0 to 80% charge in about 30 minutes. They also provide an AC type 2 (43kW) connection. 

I prefer Shell Recharge stations because paying is easy. I just linked my credit card to my Greenlots account and used the app to pay the charging fee.

SP Mobility

SP Mobility
Photo from SP Group


Number of Charging Stations: 600+

Operating hours: Open 24 Hours


  • Fast charging price at $0.4949 per kWh
  • Slow charging price at $0.5162 per kWh

The largest public charging network in the nation is run by SP Mobility, a division of SP Group, which is at the forefront of EV charging in Singapore. 

SP Group’s wide network and digital technology provide top-notch EV charging services. They emphasize accessibility, dependability, and seamless charging experiences.

I typically use SP Mobility charging points and stations because you can find them almost anywhere around Singapore.


Photo from Plugshare


Number of Charging Stations: 16

Operating hours: 10:00 am-10:00 pm


  • $0.45 per kWh

You can also charge your EVs at IKEA Tampines or Alexander to ensure enough charge to reach home after a tiring shopping trip.

Unlike other charging stations, the ones at IKEA are only open from 10 am to 10 pm. There aren’t many slots, so you must wait your turn.

Are there free EV charging stations in Singapore?

Can I charge my EV at home
Photo by user6702303

So far, I haven’t found any permanently free charging stations for EVs in Singapore. But on some occasions, the companies don’t charge anything.

For example, through SP Mobility, Schneider Electric offered free charging from April 1 to May 11, 2023. They did this to celebrate Schneider Electric’s 50th Anniversary. 

Keep an eye on daily updates from these companies to know when they will be offering free charging.

Can I charge my EV at home?

Are there free EV charging stations in Singapore
Photo by Freepik

In Singapore, not everyone with an EV can charge their vehicles at home. 

If you live in an apartment where you have a shared parking space with other tenants, you should find a place where there’s an EV charger in the parking area.

Suppose you want an EV charger installed at home. In that case, you must find a LEW or a licensed electrical worker certified to install EV charging stations. Some companies offer such services for residential properties.

There’s also the option of purchasing a portable EV charger plugged into a common house outlet. However, you mustn’t expect this to charge your EV as fast as a charging station.

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