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Top 5 Breast Specialists in Singapore

Top 7 Breast Specialists in Singapore

How We Picked

Medical Expertise

Breast surgeons in Singapore are highly trained to diagnose and treat benign and malignant cases related to the breast. Extensive medical training and expertise were given priority in narrowing down clinics in this list. 


We gathered clinics that offer a wide range of breast health services spanning cancer care and reconstruction. Clinics that offer surgical treatments on top of noninvasive procedures were considered.

Equipment and Facilities

Screening and biopsies are vital in correctly diagnosing a patient. We gave priority to clinics with the best screening facilities.


Breast specialists in Singapore are sought-after, and the availability of slots is critical in choosing the best clinic for treatment. 

1. K W Ong Breast & General Surgery

K W Ong Breast & General Surgery Homepage

Services: Breast surgery, breast cancer screening, biopsy, mastitis, breast reconstruction, skin lumps, colonoscopy, hernia repair


Address: 38 Irrawaddy Road, #10-24 Mount Elizabeth Novena Specialist Centre, Singapore 329563

Contact Information: +65 6931 7888 or +65 6971 0800, [email protected] 

Operating Hours: Monday to Friday, 9:00 am to 5:30 pm; Saturday, 9:00 am to 1:00 pm

Google reviews score4.9/5
Facebook reviews score5/5
Total reviews5/5
Score consistency5/5
Medical experience5/5
Equipment and facilities5/5


  • Cutting-edge breast screening services
  • Tele-consult services available


  • Limited international insurance plans accepted
  • Doesn’t offer chemotherapy

Dr. Ong Kong Wee is a breast surgeon in Singapore who pioneered minimally invasive procedures for treating early breast cancer. His clinic hosts one of the most cutting-edge screening facilities in the metro. 

When it comes to breast surgery, Dr. Ong specialises in managing and conserving the breast. If a case turns out to be malignant, Dr. Ong has the skills and medical training to treat cancer in the least invasive method possible. 

We love that this clinic ensures that patients get the right support, regardless of diagnosis. His breast reconstruction services aim to promote confidence and strength to patients suffering and recovering from the disease. 

There is one slight catch: chemotherapy isn’t offered in the clinic. While other treatments are available for managing breast health, the clinic may refer an oncologist for other cancer treatments if needed. 

It’s a plus for us knowing that his clinic offers medical support, even financially. Insurance plans are accepted, especially for Singapore residents. 

For international insurance plans, however, the clinic currently accepts two. It may be best to consult with your insurance company to check whether your international policy can cover Dr. Ong’s services. 

We also love that his clinic extends its support and services remotely. Patients who want to consult with Dr. Ong from the comfort of their own homes can do so with his telemedicine service. 

Dr. Ong’s breast and general surgery clinic offers one of the country’s best medical services for breast health. We believe that under his care, you’ll get value for your time and money. 

2. The Breast Clinic by SMG

The Breast Clinic by SMG Homepage

Services: Breast care, mammogram, ultrasound, MRI, support group matching, bra prostheses, core biopsy, excision biopsy, chemotherapy, breast reconstruction


Address: 290 Orchard Road, #16-12 Paragon Tower 1, Singapore 238859 

Contact Information: +65 6362 8880, [email protected] 

Operating Hours: Monday to Friday, 9:00 am to 6:00 pm; Saturday, 9:00 am to 1:00 pm

Google reviews score4.9/5
Total reviews4.7/5
Score consistency4.8/5
Medical experience4.8/5
Equipment and facilities4.8/5


  • Chemotherapy is available
  • Admission rights to 4 hospitals


  • No tele-consult services available

The Breast Clinic is affiliated with one of Singapore’s most trusted organization for women’s health. Helmed by Dr. Anthony Tang, the clinic is a one-stop hub for breast cancer screening, diagnosis, and recovery. 

That said, Dr. Tang’s medical expertise lies in breast reconstruction and node removal. With his strong interest in using the latest medical innovations, his surgical skills are trusted among new and returning patients. 

We’re specifically impressed with the clinic’s support services for recovering patients. The community built around giving hope, strength, and awareness about breast cancer and wellness is a huge plus for us. 

Wigs and suitable bra options are available for recovering patients. These supplementary aids from the clinic are solid features we think are worth highlighting. 

It’s also worth noting that the clinic offers chemotherapy for malignant cases. While we trust Dr. Tang’s surgical skills, most invasive treatments they offer are related to benign or reconstructive cases. 

That said, adding chemotherapy to treat cancer patients is a feature we commend. This way, patients won’t have to jump from one clinic to another for treatment. 

On top of that, the clinic also has admission rights to four prime hospitals in Singapore. Patients with urgent cases get access to the best breast specialists in Singapore and great emergency facilities. 

The only caveat, however, is that the clinic doesn’t offer tele-consultations. Remote patients may need to contact the clinic for an appointment in person, regardless of their condition. 

Even then, we still think The Breast Clinic by SMG is an excellent choice for breast health, wellness, and awareness. 

3. Radhika Breast & General Surgery

Radhika Breast & General Surgery Homepage

Services: Breast reduction, breast cancer treatment, lactational disorders, lump removal, male breast disorder


Address: 1 Farrer Park Station Road, #14-20 Connexion, Singapore 217562 

Contact Information: +65 6694 7370, [email protected] 

Operating Hours: Monday to Wednesday and Friday, 9:00 am to 6:00 pm; Saturday, 9:00 am to 1:00 pm

Google reviews score5/5
Total reviews4.3/5
Score consistency4.5/5
Medical experience4.8/5
Equipment and facilities4.5/5


  • Offers services for male breast patients
  • Female surgeon specialises in oncoplastic surgery


  • Saturday consults are by appointment only
  • Booking appointments may be difficult

Dr. Radhika Lakshmanan is a leading breast specialist in Singapore who specialises in oncoplastic surgery. Her diagnostic and surgical skills are extensive, especially in treating all sorts of breast conditions like cancer. 

Dr. Lakshmanan helms Radhika Breast & General Surgery and is one of the few breast surgeons in Singapore who can perform both minimally invasive breast treatments and oncoplastic surgery. 

This means patients get personalised treatments based on their condition and body type. Since not one case is the same, Dr. Lakshmanan ensures that all her treatments are suitable for several body types. 

Oncoplastic surgery is an essential reconstruction method for conserving healthy breast tissue. We believe the clinic’s focus on this field strengthens support and confidence among patients. 

The clinic also specialises in treating male breast disorders and specifically tailors treatments to suit the male body type. It’s an impressive service that we think deserves attention, especially for diseases commonly affecting females. 

Patients get access to advanced screening and diagnostic equipment on top of medical advice. The clinic stays up to date with the latest innovation in medical tech, which we think makes Dr. Lakshmanan’s practice highly sought after and trusted. 

That said, booking an appointment with Dr. Laskhmanan may be difficult, as she conducts surgery in two hospitals. Her clinic is closed twice a week and reserves Saturdays for scheduled appointments. 

It may be best to book a slot ahead of time and inform the clinic’s concierge about your symptoms. This way, the clinic will be aware of your condition and possibly reserve a slot that’s most convenient for you. 

Overall, we think Radhika Breast & General Surgery is a solid choice for both male and female patients seeking excellent breast conservation services and minimally invasive treatments. 

4. Solis Breast Care & Surgery Centre

Solis Breast Care & Surgery Centre Homepage

Services: Mammogram screening, nipple discharge, lactation disorders, breast pain, lump removal, breast cancer surgery, breast infections


Address: 290 Orchard Road, #09-30/31 The Paragon Lobby C, Singapore 238859

Contact Information: +65 6994 5499, [email protected] 

Operating Hours: Monday to Friday, 9:00 am to 5:30 pm; Saturday, 9:00 am to 1:00 pm

Google reviews score5/5
Total reviews3.5/5
Score consistency3.2/5
Medical experience4.8/5
Equipment and facilities4/5


  • All-female team of breast doctors and surgeons
  • Services are offered in 5 different branches


  • Screening facilities are located in an affiliate clinic
  • Not all services can be done in clinic

If you’re looking for a clinic that provides its top-notch medical services by an all-female team, Solis Breast Care & Surgery Centre is the right centre for you. 

The clinic is helmed by seven highly trained breast specialists and surgeons. They conduct their practice across the clinic’s five branches across Singapore. 

The all-female team provides a special kind of support for women suffering from breast cancer and other breast-related conditions. We love that they acknowledge the sensitivity and intimacy attached to breast health. 

Even if breast cancer affects both males and females, the attention to creating a safe and supportive space for patients is a huge bonus for us. We believe that this approach to medicine makes the clinic a solid choice for first-time patients. 

Their services are also quite extensive, with oncoplastic surgery at the forefront of the practice. The clinic also offers screening and diagnostic testing; however, these are conducted by an affiliate clinic. 

We think this may lead to compounded fees and other complications from shifting locations just to get screened. Other than that, we also noticed that while they offer both surgical and noninvasive treatments, not all of them can be performed in clinic. 

While this may seem time-consuming, this excludes branches located outside of hospitals. That said, we highly suggest consulting the clinic first about your condition to determine the most convenient branch to visit. 

Overall, we’re happy with what we’ve seen with Solis Breast Care & Surgery Centre. We recommend patients visit them soon for concerns related to breast health and screening.

5. Evan Woo Breast & Plastic Surgery

Evan Woo Breast & Plastic Surgery Homepage

Services: Breast reconstruction, lump removal, mastalgia, droopy breast surgery, breast infection, abscess removal, inverted nipple surgery, breast cancer care


Address: 101 Irrawaddy Road, #14-05/06 Royal Square Medical Centre, Singapore 329565

Contact Information: +65 6734 1213 or +65 8808 1213, [email protected] 

Operating Hours: Monday to Friday, 9:00 am to 6:00 pm; Saturday, 9:00 am to 1:00 pm

Google reviews score4.4/5
Facebook reviews score 4.7/5
Total reviews3.9/5
Score consistency4/5
Medical experience4/5
Equipment and facilities4/5


  • Focus on breast reconstruction and cancer surgery
  • Tele-consult services available


  • In-clinic screening is limited
  • Booking an appointment may be difficult

Dr. Evan Woo is an esteemed breast surgeon in Singapore who treats patients for medical and aesthetic needs. This brings his high focus on reconstructive surgery and cancer removal to the top of many lists. 

As a plastic surgeon, Dr. Woo aims to promote awareness and support for breast cancer patients. His skills uplift his patients by repairing and conserving healthy breast tissues with surgical precision. 

He’s specifically trained to perform a full range of cancer surgery options. This means that along with his cancer-centric treatments, he focuses on maintaining the physical shape and matter of breasts through the least invasive methods possible.

In other cases, he also does surgical enhancements and reductions. All procedures depend on the needs of his patients and are personalised.

We think Dr. Woo’s efforts and holistic approach to breast cancer surgery shouldn’t go unnoticed. We also love how his clinic extends his medical advice via tele-consult. 

This makes relaying symptoms and scheduling the right screening tests a lot more convenient for patients of delicate circumstances. We did notice that although his surgical services are extensive, screening facilities may be limited. 

Depending on the type of scan required, the clinic may refer patients to affiliated diagnostic and screening centres. 

When booking an appointment, the high influx of patients may cause difficulty getting earlier slots. We suggest contacting the clinic via the tele-consult service and relaying your symptoms to determine the best time to reserve a slot. 

Overall, we think that Dr. Evan Woo and his clinic are a great choice for patients who seek a wide range of reconstructive options and cancer removal surgeries. We think the more choices you have, the better and quicker recovery you’ll get. 

6. Polaris Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery

Services: Breast surgery, breast cancer screening, biopsy, mastitis, breast reconstruction, skin lumps, colonoscopy, hernia repair


Address: 3 Mount Elizabeth, #08-05 Mount Elizabeth Medical Centre, Singapore 228510

Contact Information:

Tel: +65 6737 4565 | Mobile: +65 8828 4565

Email: [email protected]

Operating Hours: Mon – Fri: 9am – 6pm | Sat: 9am – 1pm | Sun / PH: Closed

Google reviews score4.5/5
Facebook reviews score 5/5
Total reviews4.5/5
Score consistency4/5
Medical experience4/5
Equipment and facilities4/5


  • Exceptional surgical expertise
  • Efficient and streamlined processes
  • Affordable pricing
  • Personalized patient care


  • Busy during peak days

Our experience at Polaris Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery was nothing short of exceptional. From the moment we stepped into their clinic, we were greeted with professionalism and a warm smile—a sign of the excellence that was to follow.

Efficiency is often overlooked in the world of healthcare, but not at Polaris.

Their streamlined processes ensured that we didn’t have to wait endlessly for our appointment. Time is money, and they certainly value both.

When it comes to quality, Polaris stands head and shoulders above the rest.

The meticulous care and attention to detail in every procedure left us impressed. It’s not just surgery; it’s artistry, and they are true masters of their craft.

Polaris may also offer top-tier services, but they do so without breaking the bank. Our wallets remained pleasantly intact, proving that quality doesn’t have to come at an exorbitant price.

The staff at Polaris Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery are more than just professionals; they’re a support system.

Our journey felt personal, and they were with us every step of the way. This level of care is rare and invaluable.

The results we achieved were beyond our wildest expectations.

They didn’t just meet our goals; they exceeded them. It’s as if they have a magic wand hidden in those white coats.

Sadly, they can get busy during peak days. We advise booking them ahead of time.

7. Dr. Tan Chuan Chien



Address: 6 Napier Rd, #08-15/16 Gleneagles Medical Centre, Singapore 258499

Contact Information: +65 6690 2477

Operating Hours:
Monday 9 AM–5 PM
Tuesday 9 AM–5 PM
Wednesday 9 AM–12:30 PM
Thursday 9 AM–5 PM
Friday 9 AM–5 PM
Saturday 9 AM–12:30 PM

Google reviews score5/5
Total reviews5/5
Score consistency5/5
Medical experience5/5
Equipment and facilities4/5


  • Expertise in Breast Surgery
  • Personalized Care
  • Can converse in numerous languages


  • Limited availability

Dr. Tan Chuan Chien is a highly qualified breast and endocrine surgeon based in Singapore.

We prefer him because he has an extensive experience and expertise in the field of breast and endocrine surgery, having undergone advanced training in General Surgery and Breast & Endocrine Surgery through the highly competitive BreastSurgANZ matching Fellowship program.

Aside from this, it is admirable that Dr. Tan believes in tailoring management for each patient to meet their individual needs and expectations. We like that he understands that his patients’ journey can be difficult and strives to make the experience as pleasant and seamless as possible.

If you are not a local, do not worry because Dr. Tan can converse in English, Bahasa, and Chinese dialects (Hokkien and Cantonese), making him a suitable doctor for treating and managing both local and expatriate patients from different cultures.

Unfortunately, as a highly sought-after specialist surgeon, Dr. Tan’s schedule may be tight, and it may be challenging to schedule an appointment with him.

FAQS about Breast Surgeons in Singapore

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