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Top 5 Clinics for Wart Removal in Singapore

Top 5 Clinics for Wart Removal in Singapore

How We Picked Where to Get Plantar Wart Removal in Singapore

Medical Expertise

Wart removal in Singapore is done by expert doctors who are trained to provide the best possible skin solutions to their patients. We narrowed the list down to clinics with the most trusted doctors and specialists.


Wart removal in Singapore is often done through several methods depending on the patient’s skin condition. We prioritized clinics that provide a wide range of wart removal services for different skin types.

Equipment and Facilities

Screening and treatment facilities are vital in providing comfortable and efficient wart removal services. We gathered clinics with the best in-clinic facilities and equipment.


Booking an appointment for wart removal in Singapore doesn’t have to be taxing. We prioritized clinics that provide great customer service and convenient time slots or operating hours during the week. 

1. Ensoul Medical Aesthetic Clinic

Ensoul Medical Aesthetic Clinic Homepage

Services: Acne treatment, tattoo removal, PICO laser, wart removal, diamond peel facial, dermal fillers, body tightening, cellulite treatment


Address: 360 Orchard Road, #08-01/08 International Building, Singapore 238869

Contact Information: +65 6836 2833 or +65 8878 0300, [email protected] 

Operating Hours: Monday to Friday, 10:00 am to 8:00 pm; Saturday, 10:00 am to 6:00 pm

Google reviews score4.9/5
Facebook reviews score4.7/5
Total reviews5/5
Score consistency5/5
Medical experience5/5
Equipment and facilities5/5


  • FDA-approved treatments and medications
  • Offers bespoke services


  • Patients need to acquire a minimum of 2 treatments
  • No tele-consult services available

If you’re looking for a trusted clinic for wart removal in Singapore, Ensoul Medical Clinic may just be your go-to choice. Your sessions will be packed with medically backed advice with services catering to dozens of skin and body conditions. 

Helmed by Dr Kenneth Thean and Dr Chiam Chiak Teng, Ensoul Medical Clinic provides patients with FDA-approved procedures with minimal downtime. 

One of our favourite features is the clinic’s comprehensive bespoke treatments. 

However, in order to avail of this service, you must purchase at least two treatments. This may be a bit much for new patients seeking a single treatment at a time. 

While their services are medically backed, you may want to consider consulting with the doctors before deciding to avail of the bespoke service. This ensures that you get the treatment that fits your budget and needs. 

The clinic’s wart removal service is fairly simple, noninvasive, and virtually pain-free. We like that the clinic provides learning materials to patients who may want to know more about the benefits of getting such treatment. 

That said, appointments are conducted in person. The clinic currently doesn’t offer tele-consult services, which may be troublesome for patients who require remote assessments. 

To save time, you can easily contact the clinic via email, phone, or Messenger. We love that the medical team does its best to accommodate its patients through convenient platforms. 

Overall, we highly recommend booking an appointment with Ensoul Medical Clinic and encourage you also to check out their other range of beauty treatments. 

2. The Ogee Clinic

The Ogee Clinic Homepage

Services: Wrinkle treatment, skin rejuvenation, wart removal, mole removal, acne scar treatment, enlarged pores treatment, skin pigmentation treatment


Address: 1 Raffles Link, B1-12/14 City Link, Singapore 039393

Contact Information: +65 6906 5370 or +65 8816 2878, [email protected] 

Operating Hours: Monday to Friday, 11:00 am to 8:00 pm; Saturday, 10:00 am to 4:00 pm

Google reviews score4.8/5
Total reviews4.8/5
Score consistency4.9/5
Medical experience4.9/5
Equipment and facilities4.8/5


  • Offers alternative treatments for wart removal
  • Affordable price range


  • Relatively late opening hours
  • Parking rates are expensive

Wart removal in Singapore is quite prevalent since the country’s tropical climate makes skin prone to skin growth. Luckily, The Ogee Clinic may have the skin solution you need!

The clinic has a wide range of services that cater to specific skin and body conditions that may require more than one treatment to solve. Their wart removal services can cover simple to complex cases. 

Depending on the severity of your wart growth, The Ogee Clinic can prescribe alternatives to simply removing warts. They currently offer skin rejuvenation and renewal to combat signs of damage and promote minimal downtime. 

This, in turn, creates more natural and pain-free results! The clinic’s price range is quite affordable, so if you plan on getting more treatments during your session, it shouldn’t be too hard on your budget. 

Just note that the clinic opens relatively late in the morning. Thus, it can pose inconveniences to patients who only have their mornings off. 

It’s best to contact the clinic about your preferred time slot. 

While the clinic’s location is easy to access, parking rates are relatively pricey. The premises charge you every 30 minutes spent after arrival. 

If this seems taxing, you can quickly get to the clinic through public transportation instead. 

From what the clinic offers, we think getting a wart removal at The Ogee Clinic is worth your time and money. 

3. APAX Medical & Aesthetics Clinic

APAX Medical & Aesthetics Clinic Homepage

Services: Dark eye circle treatment, acne scar removal, wart removal, dermal fillers, pore size reduction, face-lift, tattoo removal, back acne treatment, skin tag removal


Address: 1 Woodlands Road, #02-11 Junction 10, Singapore 677899

Contact Information: +65 6769 6007 or +65 9855 3022, [email protected] 

Operating Hours: Monday to Tuesday, 11:00 am to 5:00 pm; Wednesday to Friday, 10:00 am to 8:00 pm; Saturday, 10:00 am to 5:00 pm

Google reviews score4.6/5
Facebook reviews score4.6/5
Total reviews4.4/5
Score consistency4.8/5
Medical experience4.7/5
Equipment and facilities4.8/5


  • Longer operating hours on weekends
  • Offers surgical and nonsurgical wart removal treatments


  • Relatively late opening hours
  • Surgical procedure may produce scarring

Beyond aesthetics, there are medical implications to getting wart removal in Singapore. Some of APAX Medical & Aesthetic Clinic’s methods for wart removal are electrosurgery and CO2 laser surgery. 

They’re two of the most popular treatment options. While the clinic also offers noninvasive treatments, the clinic will fully assess your skin condition’s severity and properly prescribe the right method. 

That said, the noninvasive treatments they offer are topical. They’re virtually painless and simple but are only limited to small wart growth. 

Electrosurgery and laser surgery treatments may be your best bet for patients who want their warts removed completely and almost permanently. We’ll note down a couple of cons, however. 

They’re more painful than topical treatments. They also have more side effects, like possible scarring and long downtime. 

However, these side effects are normal and usually go away on their own. Most patients who undergo these surgical procedures start to recover after seven days. 

These procedures effectively eliminate stubborn warts and offer more precision in targeting only the affected areas. 

While both treatments are great options, we do suggest consulting the clinic’s head doctor, Dr Moses Ng, about the best possible treatment for your needs. 

In case weekends are your only free time, the clinic stays open relatively late on Saturdays. This is a huge plus since the added hours may be more convenient for most patients. 

The clinic opens quite late in the morning for patients seeking treatment on weekdays. We highly suggest booking an appointment in advance to get the best possible time slot. 

4. LE Private Clinic

LE Private Clinic Homepage

Services: Keloid removal, skin rejuvenation, acne scar removal, pigmentation treatment, wart removal, fine veins treatment, mole removal, lump removal


Address: 9 Scotts Road, #08-04 Scotts Medical Centre Pacific Plaza, Singapore 228210

Contact Information: +65 6733 5755, [email protected] 

Operating Hours: Monday to Friday, 10:00 am to 7:00 pm; Saturday, 10:00 am to 2:30 pm

Google reviews score5/5
Total reviews4/5
Score consistency3.9/5
Medical experience4.8/5
Equipment and facilities4/5


  • Offers in-house products for maintenance
  • Local anaesthesia is provided for mole and wart removal


  • Relatively late opening hours
  • No tele-consult services available

Depending on the severity of your skin condition, wart removal treatments may require more invasive, thus painful, procedures. However, the team ensures that patients are comfortable throughout the session at LE Private Clinic. 

The clinic currently offers CO2 laser and skin excision surgery for wart and mole removal. Both are effective but pose a higher risk of pain and infection when not properly cared for after your session. 

One feature we like about LE Private Clinic is that they administer local anaesthesia to provide pain-free wart removal sessions. 

That said, not all patients are eligible to undergo some of their removal treatments. We highly suggest consulting the clinic’s highly trained doctor, Dr Eileen Lew, for the best possible method that fits your condition and is safe for you. 

For maintenance, we like that the clinic has its own collection of products you can use for aftercare. The collection is customised for your skin type and is formulated with high-quality ingredients. 

We love that the clinic does its best to provide patients access to the services they deserve. Located in a prime location, it’s fairly easy to navigate your way to the clinic any day. 

Just make sure to book an appointment in advance to avoid coming in late to your appointment. The clinic opens rather late in the morning, so if your afternoons are booked, secure the earliest time slot possible. 

In case you need to conduct a consult remotely, the clinic currently doesn’t offer tele-consult services. We think this is a point of improvement since some patients may want to learn more about the wart removal procedures before coming in person. 

Despite that, we think LE Private Clinic is a great choice for patients who want comfort and efficiency during a session. 

5. Stephanie Ho Dermatology

Stephanie Ho Dermatology Homepage

Services: Wart removal, lump removal, skin renewal, laser therapy, dermal fillers, hair removal, scar treatment, skin tightening, Botox


Address: 9 Scotts Road, #08-05 Scotts Medical Centre Pacific Plaza, Singapore 228210

Contact Information: +65  6262 0880, [email protected] 

Operating Hours: Monday to Friday, 9:00 am to 6:00 pm; Saturday, 9:00 am to 1:00 pm

Google reviews score4.6/5
Facebook reviews score5/5
Total reviews3.5/5
Score consistency3.2/5
Medical experience4.6/5
Equipment and facilities4/5


  • Multilingual doctor
  • FDA-approved treatments and imaging systems


  • Surgical removal of warts
  • Topical solutions available for children only

At Stephanie Ho Dermatology, patients can make the most out of customised solutions for all skin types. As an esteemed and experienced doctor of dermatology and skin surgery, Dr Ho may have the best solution for you. 

Dr Ho treats her patients with FDA-approved services and imaging systems, especially for those suffering from viral or more complex conditions like cancer. 

We like that on top of her dermatology practice, Dr Ho provides access to top-notch facilities and imaging equipment for patients who need more urgent and delicate care. 

If you’re seeking an efficient wart removal service, Dr Ho’s surgical treatments may do the job. Depending on the size, severity, and type of wart growth, Dr Ho can easily treat them using either cryotherapy, electrocautery, or CO2 laser. 

However, because the treatments are surgical, your skin may be prone to scarring without proper aftercare. These side effects are common and usually go away in time. 

While most issues can be treated with topical treatments, you can trust Dr Ho’s careful and precise medical skills if you wish to undergo more surgical services. 

The clinic does offer topical treatments, but they’re reserved for children. If you have any doubts or concerns about the procedures, we highly suggest booking a consult either through the clinic’s tele-consult services or in person. 

This way, you can learn more and weigh the pros and cons of undergoing her surgical wart removal in Singapore. 

If you have trouble speaking English, Dr Ho is fluent in Cantonese and Mandarin. We like that she can accommodate patients from different backgrounds and nationalities. 

If you’re seeking a doctor who can provide top-notch wart removal for both adults and children, we highly recommend booking a slot at Stephanie Ho Dermatology. 

FAQS about Wart Removal in Singapore

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