An introvert at heart, Priscilla's favourite things to do are read, bake, and cuddle her two cats! Lest you think she's an old cat lady, she'll have you know that she can also be found hitting the bars & clubs when she's in the mood to socialise, dance, and hang out with friends. Fortunately, Singapore has a lot of good options for that.    Priscilla has a mild obsession with Harry Potter and devours at least one crime or mystery thriller a week. Her dry sense of humour often goes unappreciated, but she doesn't let that stop her from delivering zingers every now and then (sometimes even in her articles for us!). She also sometimes gets called 'Snow White' on account of being so pale with dark hair, but definitely doesn't behave like a princess. Most of the time. Priscilla's first work was published by The Culture Trip Melbourne, where she’s written about things like brunch spots and restaurants. After her move back home to Singapore, she decided to try her hand at various publications, preferring to go freelance rather than be tied down. Her dream is to be Miranda Priestly, just less cold yet equally savage. Having written about various topics over the years, lifestyle & travel topics are her favourite things to wax lyrical about.