We look at databases, platforms, referrals, sources, and all kinds of information as a starting point. From there, we select those that have the most following or make a mark on us.

To make sure our content is reputable, we review credentials and expertise of products and services that pass our initial screening. We do that by checking documents, certifications, licenses, awards, accreditations, and whatever accolades they have to their name.

We counter-check and determine which ones have the most experience, better quality, or consistency of service. We pick the cream of the crop.



To make sure our content is reliable, we check the customers’ reviews of the products and services. We look at their experience and try to gauge how consistently points are made for or against them.

We look deeper into the ones we’ve chosen, then compare and contrast them to their rivals.

What are they capable of providing? What do they have that others don’t?


We then ensure our content is relatable and that we’ve tried it first. We taste test, we buy that product, get a subscription, and hire the service to see how they are for ourselves.

We then choose the ones to be included in our list.


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