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Shop and Dine Till You Drop Bugis Street Market Guide

Shop and Dine Till You Drop: Bugis Street Market Guide

In case you’re wondering, Bugis Street is not exactly a street you walk on in Singapore. It’s a mega shopping and dining complex, encompassing Bugis Street, Bugis+, Bugis Junction, and Bugis Street Market in a collective known as, well, Bugis. 

Safe to say, navigating your way around this massive shopping district can be tricky if you don’t know where to start exploring. 

Fret not, this Bugis Street Market guide will help you through the best shops, food stalls, and attractions to visit. We’ve even included nearby spots, just in case you fancy a little break from the bustling Bugis Street scene!

How to Get There

How to Get There_1

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By Train: Take the MRT (Mass Rapid Transit) to Bugis MRT Station. Bugis MRT Station is conveniently located on both the East West Line (EWL) and Downtown Line (DTL).

By Bus: Bugis Street is served by Bus Lines 7 and 175. It’s best to alight at Bugis Village Station and cross the street to Bugis Junction. 

By Car: If you’re driving, consider parking your car at any of the nearest car parks, and visit Bugis Street and the nearby malls on foot. The nearest car parks are Bugis Junction Car Park, URA Car Park, and Queen Street Car Park. 

What to Do 

Solve a mystery at Xcape Singapore

Address: 161 Rochor Rd, Bugis Village, Singapore 188436

Contact Details: +6569081918

Operating Hours: Monday to Sunday, 11:00 am to 11:30 pm


Visit Xcape Singapore for an adrenaline-packed adventure with the world’s first 52-chamber escape room. 

Play themed characters in 10 diverse rooms inspired by popular films like Train to Busan, Harry Potter, Annabelle, and family-friendly options like Kung Fu Panda.

Remember to engage your critical thinking skills as you enter the room, aiming to successfully escape within the challenging 60-minute timeframe!

Pro Tip: Joining in on the fun at Xcape Singapore is cheaper when you visit on off-peak days (weekdays). Rates start at $22 per person on weekdays and $28 on weekends. 

Challenge your friends to board games at Battle Bunker

Address: 201 Victoria St, #03-16/17 Bugis+, Singapore 188067

Contact Details: +6565094011

Operating Hours: Monday to Sunday, 12:00 pm to 9:00 pm


Step back from online gaming and rediscover the joy of board games at Battle Bunker in Bugis+. Experience quality bonding with friends, free from social media. 

From strategic Codeword to the playful chaos of Exploding Kittens, Battle Bunker offers a diverse selection. Explore your passion with board games, guides, and collectables for anime and gaming fans.

Pro Tip:
Can’t find your favourite board game in Battle Bunker’s stock? Consider bringing your own game to the game cafe. 

Simply pay a cover charge of $10 per person, and you can play your favourite board games with your friends! They’ll even throw in a complimentary drink for your two-hour session.

Unleash your inner child at Paco Funworld

Address: 201 Victoria St, #03-22-23, 28 Bugis+, Singapore 188067

Operating Hours: Sunday to Thursday, 11:00 am to 11:00 pm, Friday to Saturday, 11:00 am to 12:00 am 


For 90s-born folks, Paco Funworld in Bugis is a nostalgic haven resembling TimeZone. Its vibrant neon lights and lively music create a retro vibe as you dive into the thrill of claw machines offering diverse prizes, from soft toys to snacks.

If fortune smiles upon you, you might even hit the jackpot, earning tickets that can be exchanged for prizes at the counter. Regardless of the game you select, you’re guaranteed to leave with a smile on your face (no sore losers allowed!).

Pro Tip: Take your time exploring the many claw machines they offer at Paco Funworld. You might stumble upon a claw machine with collectable prizes that might be worth something at action figure stores! 

Do a photoshoot at the spiral staircases of Bugis

Do a photoshoot at the spiral staircases of Bugis

From giannovie

Address: 233 Victoria Street, Fu Lu Shou Complex, Singapore 738962

What’s a Singaporean landmark without some hidden Instagrammable spots? Bugis Street may not have much street art compared to its neighbours at Arab Street and Haji Lane, but it does have a row of spiral staircases hidden near Fu Lu Shou Complex! 

Originally designed as an emergency exit, it has surprisingly become one of the most popular photo spots, thanks to the vibrant colours painted on them. 

Pro Tip: The spiral staircases are actually connected to the private homes of those living next to Bugis Street. Be mindful of where you’re taking pictures; they’re still private property! 

Where to Eat in Bugis Street

Chanko Oden

Address: 3 NEW BUGIS STREET, Singapore 188867

Operating Hours: Monday to Sunday, 12:00 pm to 9:00 pm


Chanko Oden offers oden, a Japanese one-pot dish commonly found in convenience stores and takeout spots, with prices starting at just $1.50. It’s like an on-the-go hotpot where you eat an array of fish cakes, vegetables, and meatballs on skewers.

If you’re unsure which oden skewers to choose, we suggest trying the konjac for its chewy texture, the flavorful Chikuwa, and the succulent lobster meatball or pork ball. 

Pro Tip: Chanko Oden offers promotions regularly, so stay tuned to their Instagram page for updates! 

Monster Curry

Address: 200 Victoria Street B1-04/K24 Bugis Junction, Singapore 188021

Contact Details: +6562661708

Operating Hours: Monday to Sunday, 11:00 am to 10:00 pm


Monster Curry is a Japanese restaurant celebrated for its traditional-style Japanese curry. The restaurant boasts a family-friendly atmosphere, so you can bring big groups of friends and family to dine with you here. 

Their demi-glace curry, crafted from a blend of 14 different vegetables and spices, is cooked for two days before being served over various meat, vegetables, and rice. Other dishes worth trying are the Monster premium steak curry and chicken cutlet curry. 

Pro Tip:
Can’t eat pork or have specific dietary restrictions? Not to worry. Monster Curry is a halal-certified restaurant. 

Just let the servers know what you prefer with your orders. 

Meow Barbecue

Address: 201 Victoria St, #01-17 Bugis+, Singapore 188067

Contact Details: +6580384659

Operating Hours: Sunday to Thursday, 11:30 am to 10:00 pm, Friday to Saturday, 11:20 am to 12:00 am


If you’re a cat lover, then a trip to Meow Barbecue might just be up your alley. Don’t let its name fool you though; no kittens were harmed in the process of making and serving hearty dishes here.

They serve beef chuck cubes with onion, and boneless chicken thigh with sliced Szechuan peppers. You’ll be delighted to find cat-themed elements all around the restaurant, including the tableware and even the presentation of the dishes. 

Pro Tip: While you grill your own barbecues at Meow Barbecue, there are a la carte meals available on the menu for those who can’t wait to dig in!

Josh’s Grill

Address: 200 Victoria Street #01-69 Bugis Junction, Singapore 188021

Contact Details: +6563378633

Operating Hours: Monday to Sunday, 11:30 am to 10:00 pm


Situated on Victoria Street in Singapore, Josh’s Grill stands out as a superb Western restaurant celebrated for its delectable barbecue dishes, top-tier service, and wallet-friendly prices. 

Their menu features several must-try barbecue and grill options, from chicken chops to Porterhouse steak, In addition to the diverse main course options, Josh’s Grill offers an array of side dishes like mushroom soup and Josh’s renowned onion rings.

Pro Tip: If the servers at Josh’s Grill serve you bread and butter, take them! They’re free of charge and replenished upon request. 

Where to Eat Near Bugis 

Ah Chew Desserts

Address: 1 Liang Seah St, #01-10/11 Liang Seah Place, Singapore 189032

Contact Details: +6563398198

Operating Hours: Monday, 12:30 am to 1:00 am, 12:30 pm to 12:00 am, Wednesday to Friday, 12:30 pm to 12:00 am, Saturday, 1:30 pm to 12:00 am, Sunday, 12:30 am to 1:00 am, 1:30 pm to 12:00 am


If you ask locals in Bugis where you can get the best local desserts in the area, they’re likely to point towards Ah Chew Desserts. It’s one of the oldest food stalls in Bugis Street Market, serving delectable sweet treats since 2003. 

Try their signature mango pomelo sago, a refreshing shaved ice dessert with fresh mango, pomelo, coconut cream, milk, and tapioca balls. Other highlights like yam sago, green bean soup, and grass jelly with mixed fruits are also worth exploring. 

Pro Tip:
Ah Chew Desserts operates on a self-service basis. The queue numbers are located next to the cashier, so you might miss out on your order if you sit at the very back of the dessert shop. 

We recommend sitting close to the cashier, but if that’s not possible, then pay good attention to the queue numbers. 

Chong Qing Grilled Fish

Address: 1 Liang Seah St, #01-05/06, Singapore 189022

Contact Details: +6563339148

Operating Hours: Sunday to Thursday, 11:00 am to 1:00 am, Friday and Saturday, 11:00 am to 2:00 am


Chong Qing Grilled Fish is known for introducing Sichuan charcoal-grilled fish in Singapore since its inception in 2010. 

Each grilled fish hotpot set comes with a choice of sides like vegetables, meats, and noodles. Broth options are spicy numbing, spicy fragrant, pickled cabbage, hot and sour, and mushroom herbs. 

Pro Tip: A hotpot set from Chong Qing Grilled fish is good for sharing with at least two people. In case a single order of fish isn’t enough, the menu also offers various meats that you can cook with the same broth of your choice. 

Fat Bird Chicken Hotpot

Address: 1 Liang Seah St, #01-15/16, Singapore 189022

Contact Details: +6563370612

Operating Hours: Sunday to Thursday, 11:00 am to 11:30 pm, Friday and Saturday, 11:00 am to 2:00 am


Another Chongqing-style restaurant is Fat Bird Chicken Hotpot. They offer chicken hotpot in six different flavours, ranging from mild to super-numbing spicy broths. 

The bestseller at Fat Bird is the Numbing and Fiery Chicken, the spiciest hotpot option on the menu. Pair it with add-ons like prawn paste, chicken balls, fried beancurd roll, and lotus root for an additional $2 to $4 per order. 

Pro Tip: Each add-on and meat order is good for sharing, so make sure to order one item at a time to avoid any leftovers. You can’t bring home anything you can’t finish, so don’t order more than what you can eat!

Supreme Pork Chop Rice

Address: 67 Beach Rd, Basement 189688 

Contact Details: +6596809606

Operating Hours: Monday to Saturday, 9:30 am to 7:45 pm


Supreme Pork Chop Rice is a familiar choice for office workers in Bugis, as it’s been in operation since 1995. For those unfamiliar, the standout feature here is undoubtedly the juicy and well-seasoned pork chop.

If you’re a noodle fan, you have the option to swap the rice for a bowl of noodles. Other than pork, they also serve chicken chops and fried fish fillet as the main protein, each starting between $4 to $6 per order! 

Pro Tip: Supreme Pork Chop Rice offers delivery services islandwide. If you order more than 30 items, your delivery is free of charge. 

Xin Yuan Ji

Address: 31 Tan Quee Lan St, #01-01, Singapore 188117

Contact Details: +6563344086

Operating Hours: Monday to Sunday, 11:30 am to 11:00 pm

Xin Yuan Ji is known as the go-to fish soup spot in Bugis, and is always bustling with customers. People don’t mind waiting in line for a spot inside the small restaurant, so if you plan on dining here for lunch, drop by a little earlier to beat the queues. 

Some of the restaurant’s classic dishes are the mala prawn paste noodles and the mixed fish soup with rice. Mala is a type of Sichuan spicy seasoning that is known for its numbing and addictive taste, so keep this in mind if you’re not keen on spicy food.

Pro Tip: Xin Yuan Ji allows takeaway orders for an additional charge of $1. Delivery is also available islandwide, but you’ll have to contact the shop via their phone number to order! 

Where to Shop


Address: Bugis Street Bugis Street Level 1 #D1, D9, Singapore 188867

Contact Details: +6563388466

Operating Hours: Monday to Sunday, 11:00 am to 10:00 pm


Recoil has been a go-to fashion store in Bugis Street for men’s apparel since 2006. Here, you can explore a broad collection of clothing and accessories tailored for the modern man. 

That includes suits, jackets, button-down shirts, trousers, and even dress shoes for work, school, or special occasions. Recoil also offers islandwide delivery, and if you order above $50, delivery fees are free!

Pro Tip: Stay tuned to Recoil’s website for any upcoming promotions. They usually have bundle sales where you can get two to three items for the price of one! 


Address: 200 Victoria St, #03-23, Singapore 188021

Contact Details: +6568372723

Operating Hours: Sunday to Thursday, 11:00 am to 9:30 pm, Friday and Saturday, 11:00 am to 10:00 pm


Collectors consider ActionCity to be a gold mine of novelty items and action figures. You’ll find an extensive collection of limited-edition toys, figurines, and even trading cards across different brands like Pop Mart, Jiangshi, tokidoki, and Cosbaby. 

Fans of blockbuster films like Star Wars and the Marvel franchises are in for a treat with ActionCtiy’s collectables. Most items here have limited stock, but the website regularly updates its items across all ActionCity branches in Singapore. 

Pro Tip: The blind box may be a fun option, but there are risks: ActionCity doesn’t offer exchanges or refunds if you’re not satisfied with your blind box items. 

The Closet Lover 

Address: 200 Victoria St, #01/02, Singapore 188021

Operating Hours: Sunday to Thursday, 11:00 am to 9:00 pm, Friday to Saturday, 11:00 am to 9:30 pm


Looking for Singaporean fashion brands to support? Head over to The Closet Lover for a complete wardrobe refresh if you want to stock up on dainty dresses, shirts, skirts, and trousers. 

The Closet Lover, or TCL, was founded by sisters Brianna and Bertilla Wong. They both have a strong passion for fashion, creating pieces that fit the Asian body type without sacrificing style and quality. 

Pro Tip: TCL doesn’t accept refunds, but they do accept exchanges within 7 days of purchase.  

NBC Stationery

Address: 200 Victoria St, #03-05A Bugis Junction, Singapore 188021

Contact Details: +6563390793

Operating Hours: Monday to Sunday, 10:30 am to 9:30 pm


Looking for the perfect stationery shop to buy all your school and office essentials? Head on over to NBC Stationery and you might just find what you’re looking for to be more productive. 

Beyond offering exquisite washi tape, planners, pencil cases, bags, postcards, notebooks, and pens to delight any stationery enthusiast, NBC also carries a variety of novelty items, including plush toys such as Totoro from the renowned Studio Ghibli film.

Pro Tip: Aside from stationery and gift cards, you’ll also find an array of souvenirs at NBC Stationery. They range from postcards to trinkets like keychains and pouches with iconic Singaporean icons, like the Merlion, on them. 

By Invite Only

Address: 200 Victoria Street, #01-HylamSt-K1, 200 Victoria St, Kiosk 1, Singapore 188021

Contact Details: +6598733729

Operating Hours: Monday to Sunday, 11:00 am to 9:00 pm


Renowned for its sophisticated and contemporary jewellery perfect for daily wear, By Invite Only advocates that jewellery should enhance, not overwhelm. 

What sets it apart is its commitment to sustainability: the packaging is free of plastic, and only conflict-free metals are employed. Their bestsellers are the birthstone earrings and the Mother of Pearl necklaces, which sell for $70 apiece.

Pro Tip: If you want to get better deals on By Invite Only collections, refer the shop to a friend and get 15% off your purchases! Your friend also gets 15% off, by the way! 

Where to Stay

Village Hotel Bugis

Address: 390 Victoria St, Singapore 188061

Contact Details: +6562972828

Check-In: 2:00 pm

Check-Out: 12:00 pm

Pricing: $$$

Book Now

Village Hotel Bugis stands out as a more upscale choice for staycations and hotel accommodations in the area, promising an elevated living experience.

Guests can enjoy a laid-back eatery and a poolside café serving international dishes. Fitness enthusiasts have access to a well-equipped fitness room, and the outdoor pool provides a delightful setting with fantastic city views.

Pro Tip: Village Hotel Bugis is renowned for its halal-certified dining options, including the Royal Palm and The Landmark. For an exquisite dining experience, consider making a reservation at either of these establishments.

Arena Esports Hotel

Address: 166a Rochor Rd, level 2, Singapore 188441

Contact Details: +6589347868

Check-In: 3:00 pm

Check-Out: 11:00 am

Pricing: $$

Book Now

To appease the esports fans on the island (and even tourists) The Arena Esports Hotel offers a unique blend of co-working and co-playing experiences. 

This esports hotel caters to those seeking virtual battles, providing a luxurious setting with top-notch facilities and high-speed WiFi. Aside from comfy beds and desks, the rooms here are equipped with all the necessary amenities you’ll need. 

Pro Tip: There’s an Internet cafe in the hotel which allows guests to play their favourite games on high-processing computers for maximum gaming experiences. 

Hotel NuVe 

Address: 9 Jln Pinang, Singapore 199141 

Contact Details: +6562995975

Check-In: 3:00 pm

Check-Out: 11:00 am

Pricing: $$

Book Now

Located just a short walk from the Bugis MRT station, Hotel NuVe allows guests to stay at the heart of Singapore’s most visited districts like Kampong Glam, Arab Street, and, of course, Bugis. 

The hotel currently occupies a pre-war shophouse and houses 43 rooms. Every hotel room includes a flat-screen TV, bathroom amenities, and Wi-Fi. If you’re staying with family, there’s the Family Suite that can fit up to four guests, complete with extra beds. 

Pro Tip:
Love coffee? You’ll be glad to know that rooms at Hotel NuVe have their own Nespresso coffee machines, so you can make your own cup of joe all day.

You can ask the front desk to replenish the capsules or buy your own if you have a specific brew in mind! 

Hotel G 

Address: 200 Middle Rd, Singapore 188980

Contact Details: +6568097988 

Check-in Time: 3:00 pm

Check-out Time: 11:00 am 

Pricing: $

Book Now 

Explore the chic accommodations of Hotel G in Bugis, offering a discreet yet stylish stay in Singapore. Perfect for those seeking proximity to the city’s lively shopping and food scene, the hotel is strategically positioned near Bugis.

The rooms feature modern amenities, including a convenient kitchenette. Some rooms offer queen to king-sized beds, so guests staying with family members or kids are well-accommodated here.

Pro Tip: If you need to check-in at an earlier time, simply message the concierge via the website and inform them about your early arrival. Most likely, they’re willing to take you in if your preferred room is available! 

InterContinental Singapore 

Address: 80 Middle Rd, Singapore 188966

Contact Details: +6563387600

Check-in Time: 3:00 pm

Check-out Time: 12:00 pm 

Pricing: $$$$


InterContinental Singapore offers luxury just minutes from bustling shopping and dining centres. Set in a heritage landmark, the hotel features luxurious rooms with comfortable beds, world-class hospitality, and heritage-inspired furniture and decor.

In case you need to break a sweat, there’s a 24-hour fitness centre where you can lift some weights or enjoy a private yoga class in a pavilion. Do that, or lounge by the pool and unwind in the hotel’s spa services (we recommend the sauna!). 

Pro Tip: If you’re bringing over a pet to stay with you, InterContinental Singapore only allows pet dogs booked together with the Pet Staycation Package. You’re allowed up to two pets per room only. 
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