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Bike, Beach, and Bliss A Guide to East Coast Park

Bike, Beach, and Bliss: A Guide to East Coast Park

Most, if not all, eastside Singaporeans will tell you they’ve been to East Coast Park several times, whether it was for an evening barbecue, a family excursion, or a romantic date with their significant other. 

This expansive 15-kilometre park offers a plethora of activities for an entire day of enjoyment. So, if you’re planning to spend a day at the park, here are activities to fill up your itinerary!

How to Reach East Coast Park

By Bus: There are several bus services that will take you to East Coast Park. The most common are bus numbers 401, 16, and 196.

By Train: East Coast Park is served by the Dakota MRT Station, Eunos MRT Station, and Bedok MRT Station. You can alight from any of these stations, depending on which area of the park you plan to visit. 

By Car: If you prefer to drive, you can access East Coast Park via the East Coast Parkway (ECP) expressway. There are parking facilities available within the park.

Things to Do

Practise relaxing yoga poses with a view at Yoga Inc

Address: 920 ECP, #01-11, Singapore 449875

Operating Hours: Monday, 9:00 am to 12:00 pm, 6:00 pm to 9:00 pm, Tuesday and Wednesday, 9:00 am to 12:00 pm, 6:45 pm to 9:45 pm, Thursday and Friday, 9:00 am to 12:00 pm, Saturday, 7:45 am to 5:30 pm, Sunday, 9:00 am to 5:30 pm


Indulge in yoga with a picturesque backdrop at Welcome to Yoga Inc. Their glasshouse studios feature expansive floor-to-ceiling windows overlooking the beach.

You have options whether you’re a newcomer finding your way between poses or a seasoned practitioner confidently executing headstands. 

You can commence your journey with foundational classes such as Basics, Hot 26, and Stretch, designed to help you familiarise yourself with common yoga poses. From there, you can progress to mastering advanced poses with classes like Hatha or Flow.

Pro Tip: For a trial run, consider their 3-class introductory pass priced at $50. If you anticipate returning for more sessions, they offer unlimited passes at $350 each, granting access to classes for a full month.

Take your dogs out for a run at Parkland Green Dog Run

Address: E Coast Park Service Rd, Singapore

Operating Hours: Open 24/7 


For those seeking to socialise with fellow dog enthusiasts, there’s the Parkland Green Dog Run, one of the more sizable dog runs in the eastern part of Singapore.

The park features a rectangular layout with a gentle incline, providing dogs with an interesting terrain for running and playing. 

Nearby, a new bird perch allows bird owners to enjoy outings with their feathered friends alongside their canine companions. For thirsty dogs, there’s a water source within the fenced area.

Pro Tip: There are about three entrances to the dog run from which your pet can escape. Make sure you heavily guard your pet and do not leave them unattended when visiting the park!

Take your kids to Coastal PlayGrove

Address: 902 E Coast Park Service Rd, Singapore 449874

Operating Hours: Tuesday to Sunday, 8:00 am to 8:00 pm


Situated at East Coast Park’s Area B, formerly the location of Big Splash, the Coastal PlayGrove stands as the newest family-friendly attraction at East Coast Park, offering all the ingredients for an entire day of boundless enjoyment.

Challenge yourself at the Play Tower, Singapore’s tallest outdoor play structure, comprising a 4-storey vertical net play zone known as the Vertical Challenge, complete with slides on the third and fourth floors. 

There’s a water play area where kids can dart through numerous water jets, frolic in the wading pool, and meander along the streams. The nature play garden, on the other hand, encourages children to reconnect with nature and engage in spontaneous play.

Pro Tip: Although the Coastal PlayGrove is open for people of all ages, parents should be aware that the Vertical Challenge is for youths ages 13 and above. It’s Singapore’s highest outdoor slide, and the staggering height may not be suited for younger kids. 

Pick up a skateboard and learn how to skate at Xtreme Skatepark

Address: E Coast Park Service Rd, Singapore

Contact Details: +6564717808 

Operating Hours: Monday to Saturday, 7:30 am to 10:00 pm, Sunday, Open 24 hours


If you have wheels, East Coast Park is the place to be. The Xtreme Skatepark is your destination to hone your skills as a skateboarder, trick cyclist, or roller skater. 

Even if you’re just starting out, there’s a beginner’s street course with gentle slopes and mini ramps for you to practise your first tricks.

For the more experienced, keep an eye out for the renowned 3.6-meter deep vertical bowl with an over-vert feature. It includes a heart-pounding 90-degree drop!

Pro Tip: If you prefer a quieter practice session, consider visiting in the late evening to escape both the crowds and the sun.

Rent a bike from GoCycling and bike around the park

Address: 1030 East Coast Parkway, East Coast Park Carpark C4, Singapore 449893

Contact Details: +6591836964 

Operating Hours: Monday to Sunday, 8:00 am to 10:00 pm


When it comes to activities at East Coast Park, cycling is a top choice. The park’s flat terrain provides an excellent environment for two-wheel adventures.

You can rent adult bikes for prices ranging from $8 to $12 per hour and tandem bikes starting at $15 per hour. If you’re ready to explore further, consider giving the Eastern Coastal Park Connector Network a shot. 

It’s a challenging 42-kilometre trail that connects to seven other park connectors, linking you to destinations like Bedok Reservoir Park, Pasir Ris Park, and Changi Beach Park.

Pro Tip: You can return your rental bikes from GoCycling at any of their branches across Singapore! 

Spend a few hours around Marina Cove Playground

Address: 1000 ECP, Singapore 449876

Contact Details: +6518004717300

Operating Hours: Open 24/7


Let your little ones embrace their playful side and soak up some sun at the expansive outdoor playground in Marine Cove. Expanding across an area of 21,500 square metres, the park was intentionally crafted as a family-centric recreational area. 

This playground features metal slides, netted bridges, and rope ladders for children to explore. One of these slides is even wide enough for two kids to descend simultaneously!

There’s also a safe sensory play area designed for toddlers, complete with flexible mirrors. Even the pathways leading to this recreational space are wider to comfortably accommodate baby strollers and wheelchairs. 

Pro Tip: Pack a picnic or snacks for a fun outdoor meal. There are picnic areas with tables and benches nearby as well as kids’ toilets. 

Try your hand at windsurfing at PAssion WaVe 

Address: 1000 ECP, Singapore 449876

Contact Details: +6564440409 

Operating Hours: Tuesday to Sunday, 9:00 am to 6:00 pm


For a thrilling experience, try water sports at PAssion WaVe @ East Coast. If you’re already well-versed in stand-up paddling and windsurfing, you can rent the equipment at budget-friendly rates.

For those new to these sports, there’s no need to fret. You can still give it a try by enrolling in their beginner courses. 

Prices commence at $55 for a stand-up paddling course and $92 for a full-day basic windsurfing course for PAssion Members. Non-members are also welcome to join, with rates set at $61 and $102, respectively.

Pro Tip: In case you need to stay connected during your windsurfing breaks, there’s free Wi-Fi within the premises of PAssion WaVe. Just ask the staff members for access.

Build sandcastles on East Coast Beach 

Address: East Coast Park, Singapore

Contact Details: +6564717808 

Operating Hours: Open 24/7


East Coast Park’s most prized gem is East Coast Beach, an extensive stretch of stunning sandy beaches that graces the entire eastern coast. 

Bask in the sunshine and sculpt sandcastles within the designated playing areas or simply lounge on the sandy shores for some sun tanning as you watch others play in the sand.

Unleash your creative spirit as you construct your unique sandcastles, joining fellow enthusiasts and families in this artistic endeavour. There’s a lot you can do on the beach, but building sandcastles is definitely a must-do while you’re here! 

Pro Tip: You’re free to swim, but take note that there are no lifeguards on duty at East Coast Beach, so be very careful when swimming! 

Take in the sea views at Bedok Jetty

Address: East Coast Park Service Road, Singapore 449876

Contact Details: +6518004717300

Operating Hours: Open 24/7

Extending 250 metres into the ocean, Bedok Jetty offers a serene escape. You can either jog or cycle along its expanse or bring your fishing gear for a relaxing angling session with your fishing companions. 

It’s one of the rare places in Singapore where you can legally fish too! The anglers at Bedok Jetty are known to be very friendly, so don’t hesitate to strike up a conversation about fishing, especially if you’re new to the hobby! 

The ideal time for a visit is the early morning. The jetty provides an unobstructed view of the sun emerging on the horizon.

Pro Tip: There are fishing guides along the Bedok Jetty to inform visitors of what you can fish here. There are also reminders of what type of fish you should release back into the sea. 

Go wakeboarding at Singapore Wake Park

Address: 1206A ECP, Singapore 449891

Contact Details: +6566364266

Operating Hours: Monday to Sunday, 10:00 am to 8:00 pm


Give wakeboarding a shot at Singapore Wake Park in the East Coast lagoon. It’s a thrilling blend of skateboarding and surfing, with you harnessed to a board and towed across the water in a circuit.

You can book 10 to 50-hour passes for you and your friends and learn how to wakeboard. The 10-hour pass costs around $350 ($35 per hour) and is transferable.

Private coaching is also available for booking at $250 per hour per person. Once you become more confident, try out the inclined ramps scattered along the course to execute some impressive tricks!

Pro Tip: Guests will need to register and book a slot using the Singapore Wake Park mobile application

Relax and unwind at the KPMG Wellness Garden

Address: ECP, Singapore

Operating Hours: Open 24/7


The KPMG Wellness Garden is East Coast Park’s inaugural 1,600 square metre therapeutic garden.

It features rolling terrain, rich biodiversity, and shaded areas for people to relax and unwind after a long day in East Coast Park. There’s also a fitness area for people who want to break a sweat a bit! 

A 360-degree raised platform offers a sweeping viewpoint, allowing visitors to admire three main vistas: the pond, the sea, and the therapeutic garden. It’s a conveniently accessible garden for some peace and quiet along East Coast Park. 

Pro Tip: Take some time to explore and discover the rich plant species within the KPMG Wellness Garden. The plants in the garden were planted to show support for the restoration of coastal biodiversity.

Visit the Changi Jurassic Mile

Address: Airport Blvd., Singapore

Contact Details: +6565956865

Operating Hours: Open 24/7


No need to buy tickets to Universal Studios Singapore to get a glimpse of Jurassic Park dinosaurs! There’s the Changi Jurassic Mile, an extensive permanent open-air exhibit of life-sized dinosaurs. 

Over a kilometre of the cycling and jogging track features more than 20 diverse prehistoric creatures, spanning nine species. This captivating array includes carnivores, herbivores, defensive dinosaurs, and flying ones. 

With the towering Tyrannosaurus rex and colossal dinosaur eggs, the lifelike dinosaur displays at Changi Jurassic Mile are certain to amaze visitors.

Pro Tip: The Changi Jurassic Mile sits at the very eastern end of East Coast Park. You can bike there or simply grab a taxi for easier travelling!

Where to Eat

JUMBO Seafood

Address: Airport Blvd., Singapore

Contact Details: +6565956865

Operating Hours: Open 24/7


JUMBO Seafood is a renowned seafood eatery that made its debut at East Coast Park back in 1987. Known for serving some of the best chilli crabs in Singapore, this restaurant guarantees a tummy-filling dining experience by the sea. 

The renowned chilli crabs are best served with crispy golden buns to savour every bit of the flavorful sauce. Other standout dishes are garlic-steamed bamboo clams, prawns with cereal, and seafood fried rice. 

Price-wise, JUMBO Seafood is relatively budget-friendly at $26 per 100 grams of chilli crab. It’s perfect for a communal dining experience!

Pro Tip: JUMBO Seafood welcomes a high influx of diners, especially during lunch and dinner. Consider making a reservation before dropping by! 

East Coast Commune

Address: 1000 ECP, #01-03, Singapore 449876

Contact Details: +6589504142

Operating Hours: Monday, Wednesday to Friday, 8:00 am to 5:30 pm, Saturday and Sunday, 8:00 am to 9:00 pm


Tucked away in Marine Cove is East Coast Commune, a trendy spot influenced by its coastal surroundings. The interiors boast a colour palette of beige and sea blue, complemented by rattan furnishings and pockets of lush greenery. 

Their menu features typical cafe fare like pasta, sandwiches, and fries, and we suggest trying their sourdough waffles. These waffles come in both savoury and sweet variations, such as fried chicken and butterscotch banana. 

They serve brunch from opening until 3:00 pm and lunch from 11:00 am onwards. An all-day menu is also available, featuring fruit bowls and and pastries.

Pro Tip: If you’re dining with children, there’s a special menu just for them, offering options like oatmeal with fruit and peanut butter as well as pasta with mushroom or tomato sauce.


Address: 1110 ECP, Singapore 449880

Contact Details: +6567089288

Operating Hours: Monday to Sunday, 8:00 am to 11:00 pm


Invite your friends to PS.Cafe for a satisfying brunch escapade, and delight in the classic charm of heritage shophouses and scenic rooftop terrace vistas. You can choose from two menus: one for breakfast and another for all-day dining. 

The breakfast menu is served until 11:00 am on weekdays and 10:00 am on weekends. If you have a hearty appetite, the PS. Big Breakfast is the ideal choice, especially if your East Coast Park itinerary is packed with many outdoor and water activities. 

It includes two eggs of your choice, smoked bacon, buttered toast, spinach, baked beans, Angus or pork sausage, cherry tomatoes, and a rocket and basil salad with a honey truffle dressing. Portions here are known to be pretty substantial too! 

Pro Tip: Make a reservation here if you want to snag a comfortable table. PS.Cafe tends to get crowded from brunch until dinner, so call the cafe ahead of time! 

Enak Enak Restaurant

Address: 1202 ECP, #01-01 East Coast Seafood Centre, Singapore 449881

Contact Details: +6568765911

Operating Hours: Monday to Sunday, 11:00 am to 4:00 am


Founded in 2005, Enak Enak is a halal family restaurant offering a diverse array of local and Western dishes. 

Some standout offerings are the Enak Enak Chilli Crab, handmade halal dim sum, golden oats prawn, tom yum seafood soup, beef king burger served on a sizzling plate, and roasted chicken rice. 

Aside from the array of halal-friendly food, diners get to enjoy their meals by the seaside thanks to Enak Enak’s prime location at the East Coast Seafood Centre. 

Pro Tip: Enak Enak Restaurant has a prayer room for Muslim customers. 

Long Beach Seafood Restaurant

Address: 1202 ECP, #01-04 East Coast Seafood Centre, Singapore 449881

Contact Details: +6564483636

Operating Hours: Monday to Friday, 11:00 am to 3:00 pm, 5:00 pm to 11:30 pm, Saturday and Sunday, 11:00 am to 11:30 pm


Long Beach Seafood Restaurant is renowned for its exceptional selection of freshly flown-in marine cuisine. Among the impressive offerings are Alaskan king crab, princess crab, and Dungeness crab. 

The same premium treatment is extended to their lobster options, with choices like Southern Australian lobster and Canadian lobster. 

Their culinary offerings extend beyond seafood, including dishes such as handmade beancurd and shredded mushroom, grilled chicken satay, and the delightfully exotic enoki mushroom and baby cabbage clay pot.

Pro Tip: All the prices are based on present market rates, so they may vary greatly.

Sand Bank

Address: 920 ECP, #01-28/32, Singapore 449875

Contact Details: +6562477988

Operating Hours: Tuesday to Friday, 3:00 pm to 10:30 pm, Saturday to Sunday, 11:00 am to 10:30 pm


Sand Bank’s culinary offerings encompass a fusion of Western and East Asian cuisine spiced with elements of Latin American and South Asian flavours.

It also specialises in top-quality beachside teppanyaki. Their menu features an array of seafood, including prawns and lobsters, alongside various meat choices like Wagyu beef and Iberico pork. 

For those not keen on teppanyaki, their extensive main menu offers an array of options, ranging from barbeque pork ribs to seared salmon.

Pro Tip: Sand Bank often hosts happy hour, offering discounted prices on cocktails and beer. Make sure to stay tuned to their website or social media pages for info! 

High Tide Bistro and Bar

Address: 1390 ECP, PAssion WaVe @ East Coast, Singapore 468961

Contact Details: +6597342649

Operating Hours: Monday to Friday, 4:00 pm to 11:00 pm, Saturday to Sunday, 9:00 

Feeling parched and hungry after spending a whole day windsurfing at PAssion WaVe? Head over to High Tide Bistro and Bar, a go-to spot for water sports enthusiasts looking to unwind after a day on the water.

A crowd-pleaser, the char-grilled tiger prawns keep locals and tourists coming regularly. Local flavours are showcased in The Satay Club, featuring a choice of chicken or beef satay, served with a side of peanut dipping sauce. 

Additionally, they offer meatless alternatives, such as vegan quesadillas and vegetarian Thai green curry pasta.

Pro Tip: While there’s indoor dining available at High Tide Bar and Bistro, we highly recommend reserving a table outside and dining al fresco. 

Where to Stay (or Glamp!)

Address: E Coast Park Service Rd, Carpark D5, Singapore 449880

Contact Details: +6596232950 


Located within the picturesque surroundings of East Coast Park, Wondrous Glamping Singapore offers a unique coastal glamping experience with the rare opportunity for stargazing. 

The bell glamping tents are equipped with a queen-size air mattress, bed linens, pillows, and stylish embellishments like rugs and fairy lights. Notably, each glamping tent comes with a board game, which adds to the entertainment.

Wondrous Glamping Singapore also offers customised packages for special occasions like birthdays and anniversaries. If you’re not planning to stay overnight, you have the option to book a glamping picnic package, priced at $250 for five hours. 

Pro Tip: To secure your glamping tent reservation, plan in advance, as Wondrous Glamping Singapore only accepts bookings from Thursdays to Sundays.

Glamping City

Address: 1500 East Coast Park, Singapore 468963

Contact Details: +6598303090

Check-In: 2:00 pm

Check-Out: 10:00 am


Founded in 2017, Glamping City Singapore presents stylish glamping tents within the lively East Coast Park. It caters to a variety of occasions, such as birthdays or dates. 

Additionally, they offer a movie screening add-on, allowing you to enjoy films in the cosy confines of your spacious tent or beneath the open sky. 

If you’re considering a children’s birthday party sleepover in your garden or living area, you can also reserve the slumber party package for an indoor or backyard glamping adventure.

Pro Tip: The BBQ Glamping Package comes with a barbeque bundle good for up to six people. Consider booking this package if you want to camp and eat under the stars with your friends or significant other! 

Glamping Society

Address: 1500 ECP, Singapore 468963

Contact Details: +6590401817

Check-In: 3:00 pm

Check-Out: 10:00 am


Known as Singapore’s pioneering glamping provider, Glamping Society presents glamping tent packages in East Coast Park.

They offer a range of experiences, from simple couple glamping staycations featuring fairy lights and a candlelit picnic to more elaborate packages like a glamorous proposal glamping package. 

Among their offerings, we believe the Glam Birthday Party Package, complete with pizzas, balloons, a birthday cake, an outdoor cinema, and a float for up to six people, would be a fantastic choice for a child’s birthday celebration.

Pro Tip: To stay at Glamping Society’s glamping tents overnight, visitors must obtain their own camping and barbeque permits for East Coast Park.

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