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Singapore Zoo Night Safari Things To Do, Tickets, & More

Singapore Zoo Night Safari: Things To Do, Tickets, & More

Opened in 1994, the Night Safari in Singapore is the world’s first zoo that is wholly dedicated to nocturnal animals. This means that the park only opens at night and is probably one of the few attractions you can take your kids out past their bedtime. 

The park is located within a secondary rainforest inside the Mandai Wildlife Reserve, Singapore’s primary animal conservation organisation. As part of the Singapore Zoo complex, there are over 2,500 nocturnal animals inside the park.

There are plenty of things to see and learn from a single visit to this park. If you have some energy to burn when night falls, here’s a guide to Singapore Zoo’s Night Safari in Singapore! 

Things to Know

Address: 80 Mandai Lake Rd, Singapore 729826 

Operating Hours: Monday to Sunday, 7:15 pm to 12:00 am

Contact: +65 6269 3411


How To Get There

By Train: The best way to reach the Night Safari is through the train. The nearest MRT station to the Night Safari is the Khatib Station. From there, you can take a Mandai Khatib Shuttle that will take you to the entrance of the park.

This shuttle service costs $2 per person and operates from 8:00 am to 12:00 am. 

By Car: If you’re taking a private car to the Night Safari, you can head there via the Central Expressway towards Seletar Expressway and then Mandai Road. You can park your car at the Mandai East Carpark. 

Parking rates start at $3 for the first three hours then $2 per succeeding hour. 

By Bus: You can take the Mandai City Express buses across the city to take you into the Mandai Wildlife Reserve. There are bus stations in Orchard Hotel, Wheelock Place, Hilton Orchard, Orchard Plaza, Rendezvous Hotel, Raffles Hotel, and Suntec Club. 

Bus fares cost $8 one way and $16 round-trip. 

Ticket Pricing

AttractionRegular Days (Sunday to Thursday)Peak Days (Friday, Saturday, and evenings of Public Holidays)
Park Admission FeeAdult: $56Child: $39Senior: $20Adult: $56Child: $39Senior: $20
Buggy RidesPublic tours: $560 
WildPass Holders: $504
Friends of Wildlife orFriends of Wildlife Plus: $448
Public tours: $700 
Friends of Wildlife or Friends of Wildlife Plus: $560
Creatures of the NightAdmission is included in the entrance feeAdmission is included in the entrance fee
Feeding Sessions $12 per person$12 per person

What To Do

Go on a private or public buggy tour

Operating Hours: Monday to Sunday, 7:00 pm to 9:00 pm


Getting a little tired of walking? Why not give your knees and feet a rest and hop on a buggy ride around the Night Safari? 

The optional attraction is part of the Safari Adventure Tour that takes you to all of the major attractions within the safari like the Asian elephants’ feeding session, the Creatures of the Night presentation, and special appearances of Indian Rhinos. 

The buggy ride comes with your own personal tour guide who will walk you through the park’s history as well as give insights about the nocturnal animals they house within the park. It’s roughly a two-hour ride around the park, so book a slot before they run out! 

The Safari Adventure Buggy Tour requires a minimum height of 1.2 metres to take part in the rhino feeding session. Children below the height requirement must remain inside the buggy for safety reasons. 

The tour guide can only give tours in English. Unfortunately, tours in other languages are currently unavailable. 

Learn about small nocturnal Asian animals at the Creatures of the Night presentation

Operating Hours: Monday to Sunday, 7:30 pm, 8:30 pm, and 9:30 pm


The Creatures of the Night presentation is the Night Safari’s most popular attraction where visitors can learn more about the park’s animal conservation efforts and watch Asian nocturnal animals fly or crawl around the amphitheatre. 

The show mainly features small animals like the fennec fox, owls, bearded pigs, and raccoon dogs, as well as small-clawed otters. Zookeepers present each nocturnal to the audience and have them a few of their defining traits and talents like flying or climbing. 

The show runs for approximately 25 minutes with three show sessions per night at the Night Safari Amphitheatre. While admission to the show is already included in your entry ticket, seats must be booked at least two hours in advance to secure slots! 

The Creatures of the Night presentation’s strict booking policy states that latecomers will not be able to enter the amphitheatre to watch the show. If you come in late, your booked seats will be given to other guests who are already in the venue. 

We highly recommend coming to the amphitheatre at least 15 minutes before showtime. You can’t reschedule your booked seats either! 

Get up close and personal with several nocturnal animals at Keeper Talk shows

Operating Hours: Monday to Sunday, starting at 8:00 pm, Friday and Saturday, starting at 7:45 pm


If you enjoyed the Creatures of the Night presentation, then you might enjoy the Keeper Talk shows as well. These shows don’t happen in one big space, however, but in the respective exhibits of featured nocturnal animals. 

Most of the animals included in the Keeper Talks roster are carnivores like the Tasmanian devil, Asiatic lion, and white tiger, and some herbivores and omnivores like the wallaby and the armadillo. 

Keeper talks run at specific hours of the night, and you can check out this page to catch the next show at your chosen exhibit. Make sure to pay close attention to what the keepers say about the animals as you might learn a new thing or two! 

Take note that some Keeper Talks for different exhibits often run at the same time, so make sure to check out the page above to find out where to head first. 

The Tasmanian devil and wallaby talks run daily at 8:00 pm and 9:00 pm, respectively. 

The Asiatic lion and white tiger talks run every Friday, Saturday, and the evening of public holidays only from 8:00 pm to 9:30 pm. 

The Explorer Outpost (armadillo, owl, pythons, slow loris, and pangolin) talks run at 8:00 pm from Sunday to Thursday, and at 7:45 pm and 8:45 pm from Friday to Saturday. 

Go on a walking trail around the Night Safari

Operating Hours: Monday to Sunday, starting at 8:00 pm, Friday and Saturday, starting at 7:45 pm


Do you prefer to take your time and meet nocturnal animals on foot? There are a total of four different walking trails in the Night Safari that you can take to meet the animals up close and at your own pace. 

These trails showcase specific animal groups, making it easy to anticipate what you’ll see. The Leopard Trail, for example, highlights leopards, golden cats, lions, civets, and other creatures including porcupines, eagle owls, and fruit bats.

The Fishing Cat and Tasmanian Devil Trails highlight small predators such as hyenas, Tasmanian devils, and fishing cats. Meanwhile, the East Lodge Trail showcases larger carnivores like Malayan tigers and sloth bears along with tropical endemic species.

Admission to the trails already comes with your entrance ticket to the Night Safari. However, if you or your companion need wheelchairs, the Night Safari staff can offer one complimentary wheelchair upon your entry into the park. 

Strollers for children, on the other hand, are available for rent, starting at $8. The park strollers can only accommodate children up to 15 kg in weight. 

Buy a feeding session with Indian rhinos 

Operating Hours: Monday to Sunday, 7:30 pm to 9:00 pm


Rhinos are one of the most endangered animals in the world, and the Indian rhinos at the Night Safari are carefully monitored and cared for. One of the ways the park allows visitors to take part in their mission to save them is through feeding sessions. 

You can find these rhinos lurking about in the East Lodge Trail section of the park. If you pay an extra $12, you can get a bucket of pandan leaves or carrots to feed the rhinos within your reach. 

As much as possible, don’t try throwing the food portions into the exhibit. Instead, extend your hand with the food portion and wait until a hungry rhino comes your way to take a bite! 

You’ll need to book a feeding session in advance. This is to ensure that the rhinos are properly fed and their diets are monitored to prevent overfeeding. 

Note that you can only participate in the feeding session if you’re at least 1.2 metres tall. 

Where to Eat

Ulu Ulu Safari Restaurant

From eatingsoda

Operating Hours: Monday to Sunday, 6:00 pm to 11:00 pm


Located right by the entrance to the Night Safari is the Ulu Ulu Safari Restaurant, the park’s sole dining complex featuring stalls serving local fare, grilled meat, and desserts. Think of this place as a safari-themed hawker centre where you can catch a break! 

Diners can feast on a variety of Asian and local fare such as Indian biryani, curry, Hainanese chicken rice, chicken satay, and grilled vegetables. Options for vegetarian and halal meals are also available upon request!

After chowing down on hot meals, wash them all down with a refreshing drink or some scoops of ice cream. There are also stalls that sell beer, but the options are only limited to Tiger and Heineken. 

Are your hands and fingers sticky with sauce? You can purchase limited edition Night Safari tissue boxes for only $2 a pop. 

Moreover, diners are sometimes greeted by fire dancers performing near the entrance. If you can get a table outside, you’ll be able to catch them doing fire stunts while you eat! 
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