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How do Singaporeans flirt? We shamelessly spill the beans

Wondering if that friendly banter or extra attention means something more? Here are some telltale signs to help you recognise when a Singaporean is flirting with you, from playful teasing to thoughtful gestures.

You’ll hear some cheesy pickup lines


Singaporeans can be quite chatty, especially in social gatherings like meals, parties, or family events. Combined with our love of food and walking around, it’s highly likely someone will use Singaporean pickup lines centred around makan and jalan-jalan.

That said, here’s a short list of some of the funniest ones I’ve heard so far. Please practise caution when using them!

♥ “You got mee goreng crazy, go on a spicy date with mee?”

♥ “I bet your name is Orchard because I got my ION Orchard.”

♥ “Do you live near Yishun? ‘Cause I Khatib my eyes off you.”

♥ “Hey, do you live in the East? Because you make my heart go Bedok Bedok Bedok.” 

♥ “I can tell you’re really from Singapore because you’re so fine.”

Okay, I’ll stop right there. They may be cheesy and downright cringe-inducing, but you’d be surprised at how good they are as ice-breakers!

You’ll be asked if you’ve already eaten


In Singapore, being asked “Have you eaten?” is a way to show concern and care for someone’s well-being. Food and meal sharing are important parts of our culture, and by asking if you’ve eaten, the person is essentially checking in on your health and comfort.

Believe it or not, it’s also a good way to know if a girl or guy is interested in you in Singapore. Asking if someone has eaten can be a precursor to inviting them to join you for a meal, fostering social bonds, and even an intimate connection.

Should this question come up from someone you like, a playful response can add a fun element to the conversation. An example: “I haven’t eaten yet. Want to join me for a quick bite?”

You’ll get swiped right on a dating app


Popular dating apps in Singapore include Tinder, Bumble, OkCupid, and local apps like Paktor and SingaporeLoveLinks. Each app caters to different needs and preferences, making it easier for users to find what they’re looking for.

If you and your crush are on the same app, you can use the swiping feature to flirt as a first step. Swiping right is the unspoken opening salvo for flirting so if it happens, consider it an invitation to do so.

Follow it up with a short voice note or video message if the app allows it. Or use emojis to add a playful and flirty tone to your messages. Be careful not to overdo it, though.

You’ll learn what they like in a guy/girl


Here’s a trick I picked up from a dating-savvy friend. If you want to know if you’re on your crush’s radar, casually ask him or her (in a rhetorical-sounding tone): “What kind of guys do girls like in Singapore?” (and vice versa, gender-wise).

If the crush is reciprocated, expect some physical traits and attitudes that you have to be described to you. That’s not-so-subtle flirting right there.

But remember, everyone has their own unique tastes, so what one person finds attractive might be different for someone else. Just be yourself—genuine to who you are—and that’s always the most attractive quality!

There’s some playful teasing involved


Gentle teasing or playful banter can be a way of flirting. It shows they’re comfortable with you and trying to create a fun dynamic.

But note that it should always be light-hearted and done with a smile. It’s about creating a fun, playful dynamic that brings you closer without crossing any boundaries or causing discomfort. 

A good example is when the teasing references inside jokes that only the two of you understand, like a funny childhood memory. It helps build a sense of closeness and exclusivity.

You’ll get cute gifts and flowers 


How do you know if a Singaporean guy or girl likes you? Receiving flowers and cute gifts is a global flirting phenomenon, and Singaporeans aren’t exempted.

Giving small presents or blooms is a sweet and thoughtful way to show your affection. It’s all about surprising them with small tokens of appreciation, like their favourite snack or a beautiful bouquet, to make them smile and feel special.

Luckily, there are plenty of flower and gift delivery services in the Lion City to help people show their crushes they’re thinking about them.

How to Take Flirting with a Singaporean to the Next Level

Ready to move beyond casual flirting and build a deeper connection? Here are some practical tips to help you transition from playful interactions to a more meaningful and exciting relationship.

Approach them in person


Flirting might come naturally online or on the phone, but doing it IRL could be daunting. But don’t panic about how to approach a Singaporean girl or guy yet.

You can always start with a friendly greeting and a genuine smile. Bring up a shared interest or something you noticed about them to break the ice. Being courteous and respectful is key.

It’s not rocket science; by being polite, genuine, and respectful, you can make a positive impression and increase the chances of a meaningful connection.

Spend more time together


Propose casual meetups like grabbing coffee, having lunch, or enjoying a snack at a popular food stall. These low-pressure settings make it easy to talk and get to know each other.

Find common interests or hobbies and suggest doing them together. It’s a great way to bond over something you both love.

And if you’re both busy, suggest studying or working together. It’s a productive way to spend time together while supporting one another.

Express clear interest

couple looking at each other over a candlelit dinner

Expressing clear interest in the other person is still a form of flirting, but it moves the interaction towards being more direct and intentional. The focus shifts from playful and ambiguous interactions to something more direct and sincere.

How to do this? Suggesting specific plans to spend time together indicates that you want to deepen the relationship. Example: “I’ve had such a great time chatting with you. How about we grab dinner this Friday?”

Directly expressing your feelings and intentions shows maturity and confidence. You can always say something along these lines: “I really enjoy spending time with you and would love to get to know you better. How do you feel about that?”

Engage in deeper conversations 


Somewhere down the line, you’ll need to let go of the friendly but shallow banter and wade deeper into actual convos. At this point, it’s time to show genuine interest in getting to know them. 

Ask meaningful questions and actively listen to their responses to show that you are interested in their thoughts and feelings. Giving them your undivided attention is a sign of your interest.

Open-ended questions can keep the conversation flowing, but be careful not to probe into personal territory they might not be comfortable sharing. It’s tricky, but dreams, goals, and passions are always great deep-convo starters.

Make thoughtful gestures


Show thoughtfulness through small but memorable actions. This could be remembering their favourite coffee order, surprising them with something they mentioned liking, or planning a special date that caters to their interests.

An example: “I remembered you said you love macarons, so I got you some from your favourite bakery.”

Or if they like art, say “There’s a new exhibit at the ArtScience Museum. Would you like to check it out with me?”

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