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Your dinosaur-obsessed kid will love these attractions!

Your dinosaur-obsessed kid will love these attractions!

The word “dinosaur” in Greek means “terrible lizard,” but we don’t think they’re seen as terrible relics of ancient history—especially here in Singapore! In fact, the country has some of the many attractions featuring these creatures!

From venues and statues to virtual reality and goodies, we list down the best places to encounter and experience dinosaurs while in Singapore. So get your palaeontology and archaeologist hats on as we look at these different dinosaur spots!

Science Centre Singapore

Address: 15 Science Centre Rd, Singapore 609081 


Contact Number: +6564252500

Operating Hours:

  • Monday to Friday, 10:00 AM to 5:00 PM
  • Closed on Saturday and Sunday

A visit to the Science Centre in Singapore is one of the top things to do when in the country, and it’s easy to see why. Here, you and your kids can learn a lot about how the world works through its different science exhibits.

This is also one of the best venues to experience dinosaurs through the Dino Quest exhibit, which features gigantic fossils of these intimidating prehistoric reptiles. 

While the T-Rex fossil is truly impressive, don’t overlook the smaller dinos as well (like the stegosaurus and ankylosaurus).

Pro Tip:
Aside from the dinosaur exhibit at the science centre, there are also other interactive activities that you can try out here too. 

These include physics-based exhibits (like Energy Story) that will teach you about the concept of action and reaction.

Dino Land

Address: 60 Yishun Avenue 4, Yishun #02, #01 Safra, Singapore 769027


Contact Number: +6585514247

Operating Hours:

  • Tuesday to Sunday, 10:00 AM to 8:00 PM
  • Closed on Monday

If you want your kids to experience something more interactive, then check out what Dino Land has to offer! Here, you and your family can trek through an interactive indoor forest filled with life-size animatronic dinosaurs. Talk about up close and personal!

At Dino Land, you can have close encounters with intimidating beasts like the brontosaurus, tyrannosaurus rex, and the three-horned triceratops. 

You can also engage in some interactive activities like river crossing and fossil digging for some family bonding and fun!

Pro Tip:
To make the most of your trip here in Dino Land, we suggest that you check out their location map (via their website) before your visit. 

This will give you an overview of Dino Land’s layout and help you choose which attractions you want to try out first!

Jurassic Nest at Gardens by the Bay

Address: 18 Marina Gardens Dr, #01-19, Singapore 018953


Operating Hours:

  • Monday to Sunday, 11:00 AM to 9:00 PM

If you have a dinosaur-sized appetite, then you need to visit the Jurassic located at the Gardens by the Bay. This food hall has Jurassic and dino-inspired interiors with lush prehistoric greenery and life-sized dinosaur statues.

Aside from its impressive interiors, the Jurassic Nest food hall also has Michelin-worthy cuisine to offer. Check out JN Cafe’s sandwiches and pastas along with Hawker Chan’s signature chicken rice and grilled pork to make your visit here filling and delightful!

Pro Tip:
Your kids will have a grand time at the Jurassic Nest thanks to the hourly Jurassic Nest shows. These feature animatronic dinos like the oviraptor, T-Rex, and brachiosaurus for your kids to watch and interact with!

Lee Kong Chian Natural History Museum

Address: 2 Conservatory Dr, Singapore 117377


Contact Number: +6566013333

Operating Hours:

  • Tuesday to Sunday, 10:00 AM to 6:00 PM

Lee Kong Chian Natural History Museum is one of the most educational sites in Singapore thanks to its different programs geared towards scientific learning. This museum offers workshops, tours, and talks that will surely enhance your knowledge.

Their gallery tour will take you around 1 and a half hours to complete and will expose you to different prehistoric animals and their fossils. If you’re into dinos, you can stay a bit longer at the dinosaur zone, which houses 3 huge long-necked dino fossils!

Pro Tip:
The dinosaur zone also features other curiosities from the prehistoric era such as a Singapore sperm whale, the Changi tree (a rare local tree believed to be extinct), a leatherback turtle, and a Sunda pangolin.

Causeway Point

From joanna.lilian.16

Address: 1 Woodlands Square, Singapore 738099  


Contact Number: +6568942237 

Operating Hours:

  • Monday to Sunday, 10:00 AM to 10:00 PM

Causeway Point Singapore has a special place in the hearts of dino lovers. After shopping or checking out the dining options here, you and your kids and enjoy some wet and fun bonding at the dino-themed wet playground of the mall!

The playground itself has wide open spaces and colourful cartoon renditions of these awesome reptiles. Take in the dino theme of this water park as you have fun on the water slides, fountains, and a dinosaur obstacle course!

Pro Tip:
While admission to the water park is free, there is a time limit of 45 minutes. You will also be given 15 minutes to change your clothes, but no extension will be given to give others a chance to play.

Universal Studios Singapore – The Lost World

From deloneep

Address: 8 Sentosa Gateway, Singapore 098269


Contact Number: +6565778888

Operating Hours:

  • Monday to Saturday, 10:00 AM to 7:00 PM
  • Sunday, 10:00 AM to 8:00 PM

Universal Studios Singapore needs no further introduction. It’s an awesome place for your family to enjoy, bar none! 

However, did you know that there is a dinosaur-centric portion of the park where you can experience the thrill of the lost Jurassic world?

Enter the realm of these intimidating reptiles through the Lost World – Jurassic Park where you can experience world-class thrills like the canopy flyer, Dino-Saorin, and Raptor Encounter with Blue!

Pro Tip:
Aside from the thrilling rides and exciting activities, you can also shop until you drop at the Dino-Store souvenir shop located near the Lost World. You can buy Jurassic Park tie-in items like shirts, mugs, and more!

Amazonia, Great World City

Address: 1 Kim Seng Promenade, #03-113 Great World, Singapore 237994


Contact Number: +6568362544

Operating Hours:

  • Monday to Friday and Sunday, 9:30 AM to 7:30 PM
  • Saturday, 9:30 AM to 9:30 PM

Amazonia, Great World City is an indoor playground with a variety of themes inside it. 

You and your kids can have a fun-filled day without having to sweat under the heat of the sun. There are indoor slides, an augmented reality room, a trampoline area, and an indoor obstacle (with mini balls) course for children.

The prehistoric creatures you will encounter here include the domineering woolly mammoth and the velociraptor—both intimidating thanks to their life-sized measurement! Don’t hesitate to take your pictures or selfies with these statues!

Pro Tip:
Check their website for any promos or discounts. They sometimes have unlimited playtime packages, a free craft activity, or a last-minute deal value package for parties for only ZAR 898.

Jewel-rassic Quest

From 3wheelingtots

Address: 60 Airport Blvd., Singapore 819643


Contact Number: +65 6956 9898

Operating Hours:

  • Monday to Sunday, 10:30 AM to 5:30 PM

Jewel-rassic Quest is one of the most unique and technologically-impressive dino experiences you’ll ever encounter in Singapore. Instead of relying on actual animatronics, you’ll be given a time lens that will transport you millions of years back!

Well, it’s not literally time travel because the time-lens is a gadget that will let you view an augmented reality of when the dinosaurs roamed the earth. 

You can then walk the trails with these virtual dinosaurs and feel like you really travelled in time with its realistic visuals!

Pro Tip:
Before your visit, you may want to check out their website to learn more about discounted rates or promos. They currently have a Mastercard Promo where you just have to key in a promo code to avail of their special rate! 

Jurassic Mile

From shirleen.ig

Address: Airport Blvd., Singapore


Contact Number: +65 6595 6865

Operating Hours:

  • Monday to Sunday, Open 24 hours

No wonder Changi Airport is regarded as one of the best airports in the world. Its connector (meaning the path connecting one terminal to another) has a special dino-themed park that features life-sized statues of these awesome creatures!

This connector path, referred to as the Jurassic Mile has fenced-in dinosaurs, making it appear like they’re in a mile-long zoo for you to observe and marvel at. Walk to your flight in awe as you take in replicas of a T-Rex, ankylosaurus, pterodactyl, and raptors.

Pro Tip:
Don’t worry if you happen to visit Changi Airport at night, as the Changi Mile is a well-lighted area that will allow you to clearly see the dino replicas in the evening.

You can also have your picture or selfies taken beside the dino murals painted along the walls of the venue!

Where to Find Dinosaur Souvenirs


Address: 435 Orchard Rd, Shop #B1 – 40, Singapore 238877


Contact Number: +65 6733 4491

Operating Hours:

  • Monday to Sunday, 10:00 AM to 10:00 PM

Smiggle isn’t a theme park or a museum filled with dinosaur fossils or statues. Instead, it’s an all-in-one store that sells various items like bags, stationeries, tech cables, and other trinkets that have interesting and colourful designs for young kids.

They do have a special line of products here called Jurassic Park, which is a direct tie-in with the movie. 

The items under this category feature artwork and pictures of dinosaurs printed on bags, pens, headphones, projectors, watches, and so much more—perfect for kids (and adults) who love dinosaurs and are a big fan of the franchise!

Pro Tip:
Smiggle has a couple of stores across Singapore (such as one in Changi Airport). If you don’t have time to visit these physical stores, though, you can also buy some of their products via their online shop
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