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Top 5 Men’s Health Clinics in Singapore

Top 7 Men’s Health Clinics in Singapore

Medical Expertise

Men’s health clinics in Singapore are helmed by highly trained doctors with profound knowledge of sexual health. We gave priority to clinics that trusted physicians helm. 


Men’s health clinics in Singapore provide several screening services for a wide range of sexual disorders or diseases. We noted down clinics offering safe and discreet consultation methods and treatments.

Equipment and Facilities

Most clinics offering extensive services need excellent facilities and equipment to provide quality services to their patients. We made sure also to include clinics that offer 100% remote consultations. 


Booking an appointment at men’s health clinics in Singapore should ideally be easy. We gave priority to clinics that offer convenient ways for patients to reserve a slot. 

1. Advantage Medical Clinic

Services: Doctor Consultation, Health Screening, Statutory Checkups, For Baby & Child, STD Screening



Block 492 Jurong West Street 41, #01-56, Singapore 640492

125 Geylang East Ave 1, #01-K1 S(381125)

Block 632 Bedok Reservoir Road, #01-880, Singapore 470632

1 Fifth Avenue, #03-14, Guthrie House, Singapore 268802

Contact Information: 8784 0093

Operating Hours: Contact for more information

Google reviews score4.5/5
Total reviews4.5/5
Score consistency5/5
Medical experience4.5/5
Equipment and facilities4.55/5


  • Open daily
  • Efficiency and Convenience
  • Balanced Efficiency and Bedside Manner
  • Compassionate and Professional Staff
  • Minimal Waiting Time


  • Limited Mention of Specific Men’s Health Services

Advantage Medical Clinic is praised for its efficiency, with customers noting that it is not crowded, and the staff manages to provide quick services. This is why they top our list for such clinics.

What adds to their convenience is that their branches are close to MRT stations as they’re accessible to patients.

We find that their team has mastered the balance between efficiency and maintaining a good bedside manner. We appreciate their prompt and courteous service, which we think is essential for a positive healthcare experience.

Not only is their team efficient but they’re kind, serious about upholding their duty of care, and efficient in providing practical and cogent medical advice.

In general, there is minimal waiting time in their clinics.

The clinic offers a range of services, including health screenings, statutory checkups, and consultations for various healthcare needs, which can save patients the hassle of visiting multiple healthcare providers.

They do have limited information on their specific men’s health services. Potential clients seeking specialized men’s health solutions may need more detailed information about the clinic’s offerings in this regard.

2. Sire Men’s Health Clinic

Sire Men’s Health Clinic Homepage

Services: Erectile dysfunction, hair loss treatment, ejaculation treatment, performance anxiety treatment, mental wellness, semen analysis


Address: 320 Serangoon Road, #10-05 Centrium Square, Singapore 218018

Contact Information: +65 8892 8269, 

Operating Hours: Open 24/7

Google reviews score4.9/5
Total reviews5/5
Score consistency5/5
Medical experience5/5
Equipment and facilities5/5


  • Open 24/7
  • Direct and open tele-consultation services available
  • Free medication delivery


  • Consults and services are conducted online
  • Limited services 

If you’re looking for a discreet and remote men’s health clinic in Singapore, Dr Bosty Chan’s private practice may just be what you’re looking for. 

Sire Men’s Health Clinic is a one-stop online medical platform that caters to men’s sexual health. Services include erectile dysfunction correction, performance anxiety treatment, and even male fertility screening. 

It’s quite impressive how the clinic provides its services completely online. This makes it accessible to patients under certain circumstances that render visiting a clinic in person difficult. 

It also keeps consultations very private and discreet. The clinic has a comprehensive policy in terms of privacy, and we like that they ensure the whole process is straightforward and easy for men of all ages. 

It also makes booking appointments fairly easy, especially since they’re open 24/7. Consults are then scheduled via video call after all symptoms have been relayed to the attending physician. 

After the assessment, prescriptions are then conveniently given and ordered. We love that the clinic also offers free medication delivery just three days after your initial consult. 

While the convenience of telemedicine is remarkable, the lack of on-site facilities may be troublesome for patients who require physical assessment or therapy. 

While we think that clinic’s highly trained specialist can provide high-quality men’s health services, a referral from the clinic may be required if you want to get physically checked. 

That said, the clinic specialises in sexual health and hair loss, thus, they don’t offer the full gamut of men’s health services online. 

Despite those cons, we do think that Sire Men’s Health Clinic has many pros that outweigh them. We highly recommend checking out the clinic for conditions that don’t need a physical checkup. 

3. DB Medical Women’s and Men’s Health Clinic

DB Medical Women’s and Men’s Health Clinic Homepage

Services: HIV testing, allergy screening, skin services, hair loss treatment, erectile dysfunction, STD testing, fertility screening, parasitic STD screening


Address: 290 Orchard Road, #14-10 Paragon Medical Centre, Singapore 238859

Contact Information: +65 6733 7122, 

Operating Hours: Monday to Friday, 9:00 am to 6:00 pm; Saturday, 9:00 am to 1:00 pm

Google reviews score4.8/5
Total reviews4.9/5
Score consistency4.9/5
Medical experience5/5
Equipment and facilities4.9/5


  • Comprehensive screening packages
  • Good focus on both internal and external men’s health services


  • No tele-consult services available
  • Small team

Men’s health clinics in Singapore often focus on male reproductive disorders, but DB Medical Men’s and Women’s Clinic provides all-around health services suitable for both men and women.

This is what makes the clinic a solid choice for both single patients and couples who want a better, safer, and more satisfying sex life.

One of the clinic’s popular services is its private screening. It covers STDs, HIV, allergies, chronic diseases, and even fertility. 

Screening packages can be personalised according to your needs and wants. If you’re unsure about what kinds of tests to take, the clinic can create a comprehensive plan just for you. 

That said, you can also benefit from the clinic’s skin health services. The clinic focuses on both internal and external well-being, so we think that their treatments for hair loss, acne, and even keloids are worth a shot. 

While the clinic’s screening facilities are extensive, they currently don’t offer online consults. This may be troublesome for some patients who want a remote and more private session at home. 

Booking an appointment may also be tricky since one doctor attends to all patients. We do, however, like that the clinic stays open relatively longer than others, so that’s a huge plus for us. 

Overall, DB Medical Men’s and Women’s Clinic is a great clinic to visit if you want to get tested for several kinds of sexually transmitted diseases or chronic diseases that may affect your sexual health. 

4. Noah

Noah Homepage

Services: Premature ejaculation, erectile dysfunction, hair loss treatment, sleep disorder treatment, weight loss management, smoking cessation, nutrition, mental health


Address: 45 Kallang Pudding Road, #09-08A Singapore 349317

Contact Information: +65 6980 0905, 

Operating Hours: Open 24/7

Google reviews score4.8/5
Facebook reviews score5/5
Total reviews4/5
Score consistency4.5/5
Medical experience4.7/5
Equipment and facilities4.5/5


  • Open 24/7
  • Offers treatments for nutrition, weight loss, and smoking


  • No in-clinic visits available
  • Some services have age restrictions

At Noah, patients get top-notch and medically backed treatments and products for men’s health. These include treatments for erectile dysfunction, premature ejaculation, and sex therapy. 

Aside from their sexual health treatments, a few other features we like about Noah is its focus on educating patients about sexual health and supplements. 

The clinic has in-house products that patients can buy for their maintenance at home. Delivery is speedy, and the clinic’s 100% remote consults are straightforward. 

Patients can book an appointment at any time since the clinic is open 24/7. Depending on your concern, your ordered medications will come in discreet packaging within a few hours after your initial consultation. 

Aside from sexual health, the clinic also provides treatments for hair loss, weight management, sleep disorders, and mental health. Access to these additional services is what makes Noah an excellent choice on our list. 

Just be aware that some services have age restrictions, particularly hair loss and sexual health services. It’s best to contact the clinic about your symptoms in order for them to find the best possible treatment that’s appropriate for your age. 

The clinic also doesn’t offer in-clinic visits. This may be troublesome if you’re not comfortable with undergoing inspections through video call since the clinic operates completely online.

Despite that, we still think that Noah is a great clinic that provides private and safe access to quality health services. We think the in-house products and supplements are also worth a try. 

5. Dr Ben Medical

Dr Ben Medical Homepage

Services: Birth control, syphilis, HPV, STD, HIV, allergy screening, fertility, prostate services, testosterone deficiency, penile issues, semen analysis


Address: 1 Raffles Place, #04-50 Singapore 048616

Contact Information: +65 8881 2344 or +65 8881 2344, 

Operating Hours: Monday to Friday, 8:00 am to 6:00 pm; Saturday and Sunday, 9:00 am to 2:00 pm

Google reviews score4.9/5
Total reviews4/5
Score consistency3.9/5
Medical experience4.5/5
Equipment and facilities4.25/5


  • Open daily
  • Services offered in two branches 


  • No emergency hotline available
  • Small team

Dr Benjamin Loh’s private practice covers not only men’s health but also ENT and dermatology. His well-rounded and holistic approach to treating patients makes Dr Ben Medical one of the best men’s health clinics in Singapore. 

Dr Ben Medical is quite accessible to patients across Singapore. We love that the clinic has two main branches with nearby MRT exits for easy navigation. 

Each branch has different operating hours but is relatively open longer than most clinics. The Raffles branch is open daily, so we think booking an appointment shouldn’t be too difficult any day of the week. 

Some of the clinic’s most popular services include syphilis treatment, genital warts removal, disease screening, and testosterone deficiency. The clinic has a full gamut of medically backed and discreet services. 

We love that a highly trained and experienced doctor spearheads the clinic, but we did notice that the team is quite small. This may make booking appointments a bit difficult if there’s a high influx of patients. 

While the clinic also offers its services online, it lacks an emergency hotline. We think this could be an improvement for the medical services they provide, especially for cases requiring immediate attention. 

6. InSync Medical

InSync Medical Homepage

Services: STD testing, HIV screening, general men’s health, erectile dysfunction, semen analysis, fertility issues


Address: 66 East Coast Road, #07-01 The Flow, Singapore 428778

Contact Information: +65 9087 8717, 

Operating Hours: Monday and Tuesday, 9:00 am to 9:00 pm; Wednesday and Thursday, 9:00 am to 4:00 pm; Friday, 9:00 am to 5:00 pm; Saturday, 9:00 am to 3:00 pm

Google reviews score5/5
Facebook reviews score5/5
Total reviews3.2/5
Score consistency3.9/5
Medical experience4/5
Equipment and facilities4.7/5


  • High focus on men’s sexual health disorders
  • Offers men’s aesthetic services


  • Lack of male doctors
  • No tele-consult services available

InSync Medical is a men’s health clinic in Singapore with a purpose. Backed by strong advocacy to eliminate stigma and foster a safe haven for sexual health, InSync Medical lives up to its mission through quality services and treatments. 

Patients get a comprehensive yet private review of their symptoms and conditions. From erectile dysfunction to genital warts, InSync can provide a full treatment plan that will suit your needs. 

That said, their high focus on sexual health disorders and male aesthetics makes them one of the most trusted and sought-after men’s health clinics in Singapore. 

We’re impressed by their efforts to raise men’s confidence, whether internally or externally. Helmed by Dr Jessherin Sidhu, the clinic also provides mental wellness checks and treatments for patients who seek emotional care. 

While we don’t doubt Dr Sidhu’s expertise, we do think that the lack of male physicians in the clinic may pose issues for patients who find more comfort in getting inspected by a male doctor. 

Appointments can also be a bit tricky, knowing that the clinic currently doesn’t offer tele-consult services. The clinic is open for most of the day, but we still suggest booking a slot in advance to avoid lapses in your schedule. 

Overall, we still think InSync Medical provides the right set of treatments, all the while serving a higher purpose in gaining more support for those struggling with sexual disorders. 

7. Sincere IVF Center

Services: Assistive Reproduction, Fertility Screening, IVF Packages


Address: 8 Sinaran Drive, #06-09/10/11 Novena Specialist Center Singapore 307470

Contact Information:

Tel:  +65 6507 0766
Fax: +65 6507 0766

Operating Hours:

Monday – Friday:  8:30am – 5:30pm 
Saturdays: 8:30am – 12:30pm
Sunday and Public Holidays: Closed 

Google reviews score5/5
Total reviews5/5
Score consistency5/5
Medical experience5/5
Equipment and facilities5/5


  • Accommodating and pleasant professionals
  • Well-equipped facilities and tools
  • Convenient and exemplary place


  • Rates or estimates of their services aren’t readily available

Sincere IVF Center is a facility that provides clients with exemplary and holistic healthcare services specializing in women and reproductive medicine among many other interrelated fields.

We like that their packages are very inclusive and comprehensive wherein not only are they able to provide premium services during the duration of the treatment but also comprehensive after-services as well to ensure an overall successful treatment.

Furthermore, their facilities and personnel are fully equipped with the right set of machinery, technologies, and skills to ensure that patients get the most out of their treatment in all of its stages.

Note though that even if they do provide descriptions of their services, the price rates of the services they offer to ensure an accurate and transparent breakdown of fees.

Overall, with their expert team of professionals, versatile and tailor-fit premium reproductive care services, and highly accommodating and pleasant personnel, we highly recommend clients to check them out.

FAQS about Men’s Health Clinics in Singapore

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