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Top Strange Cocktails in Singapore to Try at Least Once!

Top Strange Cocktails in Singapore to Try at Least Once! 

It’s finally Happy Hour! Thinking of where to cap off the work day with some fizzy and boozy drinks?

Craft beers and the Singapore Sling are safe choices, but if your week felt like years and you’re in the mood to celebrate, why not welcome the weekend with something new?

To spice up your cocktail game, we’ve compiled the very best of Singapore’s strangest cocktails that we think will blow you away! 

Pi Pa Gao or Pei Pa Koa Cocktail

From themeatmensg

Singaporean children are no strangers to pi pa gao or pei pa koa; it’s an herbal cough syrup that their parents give them to relieve a sticky and chesty cough. It’s so popular that even a small whiff of it brings back childhood memories for many Singaporeans. 

But, turning the iconic syrup into a cocktail isn’t unheard of. In fact, it’s been gaining a lot of attention from locals and tourists, that recipes for homemade pi pa gao cocktails are trending across social media! 

Some bars, like Hopscotch, like to keep it simple and highlight the herbal flavour of pi pa gao or pei pa koa by adding rum, vodka, bitters, and a bit of citrus juice. The taste compliments the strong liquor it’s mixed with, even adding a slight sweetness! 

Where To Get: Hopscotch Bar, 45 Malan Rd, Singapore 109455
Average Price: $15 to $35 per glass

Bloody Bella

From the.secret.mermaid

The Secret Mermaid’s Bloody Bells is a mezcal-based cocktail made with fermented pineapple, chilli salt, and red bell peppers. You can think of it as a Singaporean version of Bloody Mary, but instead of hot sauce, they use actual peppers. 

This spicy and boozy drink won’t burn your tongue, however. The blend of the sweet agave from the mezcal and the heat from the peppers may sound like adding fire to your throat, but it’s a cool twist to the classic cocktail. 

The Secret Mermaid also offers the Mermaid Boilermaker, which is a shot of spiced rum, coffee powder, and brown sugar, as a chaser to the Bloody Bella. It’s an extra kick you can get for an additional $12!

Where To Get: The Secret Mermaid, 10 Collyer Quay, B1-09 Ocean Financial Centre, Singapore 049315
Average Price: $20 per glass

Wafu Cocktail

From lumo_sg

The Wafu Cocktail of LUMO is the creation of bartender Aaron Lancelot Ong, a self-proclaimed pasta lover. His boozy creation was inspired by an important ingredient in Italian pasta making: extra virgin olive oil. 

The olive oil is first heated with garlic and parsley, before vermouth and Japanese whiskey are added to the mixture. The liquid is boiled for five minutes in order for the ingredients to blend together and then set aside for 24 hours. 

After the lengthy infusion, the mixture is filtered and served with cucumber slices and a single chilli pepper. The result is a clean, smooth, and fragrant drink that’s best taken by itself or with a side of pasta! 

Where To Get: LUMO Bar and Restaurant, 50 South Bridge Rd, #01-00, Singapore 058682
Average Price: $25 per glass

Ugly Tomatoes

From jiggerandponysg

Alcohol and tomatoes are a known pairing for classics like the Bloody Mary, Michelada, and Caesar, but Jigger and Pony spins a different twist to using tomatoes in their Ugly Tomatoes cocktail. 

Instead of using plain tomato juice, Jigger and Pony uses large “ugly” beefsteak tomatoes sourced from Malaysia, together with fennel, cumin, and carraway to pair with Hapusa Himalayan gin. 

The result is a spicy, sour, and salty blend that tastes better with every sip. It’s an acquired taste, for sure, but Ugly Tomatoes gives classic tomato-based cocktails a fun and unique twist. 

Where To Get: Jigger and Pony, 165 Tanjong Pagar Road, Amara Hotel, Singapore 088539
Average Price: $28 per glass

Only If You Want It

From underdog.inn

Out of Underdog Inn’s 12 specially curated cocktails, one drink caught our eye because of its peculiar choice of seaweed as its key ingredient: Only If You Want It. The cocktail was inspired by manager Lee Rosli’s desire to combine food and dessert into one drink. 

Only If You Want It has a margarita base of tequila blanco and mezcal, with kiwi, citrus, and seaweed. It’s a fruity and tangy concoction with a little saltiness that balances the strong flavours. 

The drink is poured into a short glass with nori flakes and a dash of perilla leaves on its rim. The drink smells a little bit like the sea, but it packs a punch! 

Where To Get: Underdog Inn, 01-03 115 Amoy Street, Gemmill Ln, Along, Singapore 069935
Average Price: $25 per glass
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