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Where to Find the Finest Custom Jewellery in Singapore

Where to Find the Finest Custom Jewellery in Singapore

✔ Reputation and reviews: We searched for shops with a strong reputation for quality and customer service.

✔ Price range: We selected stores offering different prices to suit any budget.

✔ Ethical and sustainable practices: We looked into the shops’ sourcing practices and their commitment to ethical and sustainable jewellery production.

✔ Return policy and warranty: A reputable shop should offer a reasonable return policy and warranty to protect purchases.

To me, a plain old diamond just won’t do. I want something that makes a statement, and wouldn’t it be lovely to showcase something about our culture through something as personal as jewellery?

I found what I’ve been looking for in Peranakan jewellery, which is renowned for its intricate designs, vibrant colours, nature-inspired elements, and auspicious symbols for luck and prosperity. 

If you, too, are looking for some special bling, this guide can help you find the best jewellery shops in Singapore offering authentic pieces.

What’s the pricing like in Singapore jewellery shops?

Simple costume jewellery or fashion accessories may range from S$20 to S$200, while fine jewellery made from precious metals like gold or platinum, adorned with gemstones, can cost anywhere from a few hundred to several thousand Singapore dollars

High-end luxury jewellery from renowned brands or featuring rare gemstones can command prices in the tens of thousands or even hundreds of thousands of dollars

Alex Wong Jewellery

Address: 62 Temple St, #01-03, Singapore 058607 (Google Maps)

Contact: +6565360103

Hours: Daily, 11 AM–6 PM


Alex Wong Jewellery’s design ethos draws inspiration from the natural world, including insects, fish, and flora. Whimsical pieces encrusted in precious stones take the form of orchids, butterflies, leaves, and vines on clients’ wrists, ears, necks, and fingers.

Alex, a third-generation jeweller, crafts fine pieces from jadeite, diamond, gold, pearls, and other precious stones such as sapphire, ruby, and emerald, but he is primarily a diamond concierge. He can guide customers in selecting, purchasing, or customising diamonds. His custom design process engages clients at every stage, from the initial sketches to final polishing. 

The shop offers transparent pricing on its website and social media, including average prices for rings, necklaces, bracelets, and other items. Alex personally addresses pricing and other inquiries on the shop’s official Instagram and Facebook accounts.

Though they’re not as well known as other big brands, we can definitely say that they’re worth a try!


  • Transparent and upfront pricing
  • Unique nature-inspired jewellery designs
  • Over a decade’s experience in fine jewellery design


  • Not as well known as other big brands

Customer Reviews

He’s the magician who turns aspirations into breathtaking reality

“Alex isn’t merely a jeweller—he’s our artistic confidant. As my go-to maestro of adornments, he transforms fleeting visions into tangible brilliance. Crafting our engagement ring and etching my initials into a stunning blue sapphire piece, he’s the magician who turns aspirations into breathtaking reality. With each creation, Alex becomes more than a jeweller; he’s the cherished architect of our most treasured moments, our trusted guide through the world of timeless elegance.”

– Junling G, Google Review

I always walk out with somethings 

“Alex’s shop is what I tell my friends about my candy store. I always walk out with somethings (yes, plural). A little too much for everyday wear but in simple elegant designs!”

– April, Google Review

On Cheong Jewellery 

Address: 251 South Bridge Rd, Singapore 058800 (Google Maps)

Contact: +6562234788

Hours: Monday to Saturday, 10.30 AM–6.15 PM


“On Cheong” stands for peace and prosperity. Established in 1936, the store specialises in designer bridal jewellery via its Si Dian Jin collection using precious gold. It also offers gold, diamonds, jadeite, and gem-set jewellery in its e-shop and brick-and-mortar store.

The shop is Singapore’s first Singapore Quality Class-certified jeweller, showing that the shop meets stringent standards for product and service excellence. It has also retained older staff and received citations for fair practices.

For customer security, orders are exclusively delivered by the shop’s staff, avoiding secluded drop-off points. Alternatively, pick-up arrangements can be made at the store.

The downside is that there are no weekend or public holiday deliveries and international deliveries.


  • Retains experienced, long-standing staff
  • SQC-certified jeweller
  • Does jewellery redesigning, cleaning, and repair
  • Free consultations


  • No international deliveries
  • No deliveries on weekends and public holidays

Customer Reviews

So impressed by the designs and craftsmanship that I ended up buying a necklace

“I passed by during my touristy walk and was so impressed by the designs and craftsmanship that I ended up buying a necklace. The service by Thomas was great. Thanks also to Devi who was always asking if we needed anything while I tried on the lovely pieces. I’ll definitely make sure to stop by this place again when I come back to SG!”

– R Ho, Google Review

Impressed with his professionalism and customer service

“Was looking for 4 Dian Jing and my fiancee’s parents recommended me to On Cheong. Mr Kevin Chan has been extremely helpful with his suggestions and advice. I was very impressed with his professionalism and customer service. We managed to purchase something that we have been looking for the dragon and phoenix bangle and necklace. Will definitely visit again if we need to buy any jewellery.”

– Shaw Fun, Google Review

MADLY Bespoke Jeweller

Address: Floors 1 and 2 Chinatown Point, 13 Ann Siang Rd, Singapore 069693 (Google Maps)

Contact: +6566501544

Hours: Daily, 10 AM–7 PM


MADLY primarily focuses on bespoke jewellery, with only a few ready-made pieces available in-store. Each piece is crafted from 18K gold (white, yellow, or rose) or platinum upon request. 

Because of this, you can expect prices to be a bit steep and not lower than S$3,500. However, as the store emphasises uniqueness and individuality, clients can look forward to even rare coloured gemstones made into engagement rings or milestone jewellery.

Moreover, MADLY is a member of the International Coloured Stone Association’s Ethical Accreditation program, conscious of ethical sourcing practices. It’s the sole company in Southeast Asia with a direct sourcing office in the Mahenge (Tanzania) region, so it has access to the finest rough materials from local mines.


  • One-year warranty on manufacturing defects
  • Sources gemstones from one mining region
  • Accommodates both local and international clients
  • Uses only 18K gold or platinum for each piece


  • Pricier bespoke pieces (starts at S$3,500)
  • Some complaints about hard-selling

Customer Reviews

The designer was attentive and astute in her understanding of my personality 

“My husband and I will be celebrating our 25th Anniversary in early March. And my husband thought that we should commemorate that milestone with bespoke jewellery. And we were glad that we went to Madly. Haemin, my designer, was attentive and astute in her understanding of my personality. 1-2 sketches later, she nailed the design that I wanted! Madly has wonderful staff who attend to your needs and are very good ambassadors of the brand. This was a wonderful experience – really a cherry on top for a very important occasion for me. Thank you.”

– Zar Yusof, Google Review

Highly recommend it to anyone looking to create their own special piece

“Absolutely in love with my customized ring! Huge thanks to MADLY for bringing my vision to life. The intricate design and flawless craftsmanship leave me in awe every time I look at it. This ring holds so much sentimental value, symbolizing my endless energy lol. The choice of Tourmaline adds a unique touch. Every time I wear it, I’m reminded of the beautiful moments it represents. Highly recommend for anyone looking to create their own special piece.”

– Jamie, Google Review

Tessellate Co

Address: Floor 2, 02-14 Wheelock Place, 501 Orchard Rd, Singapore 238880 (Google Maps)

Contact: +6580425031

Hours: Daily, 11.30 AM–8 PM


Tessellate Co adopts a slow fashion approach to create timeless pieces meant for long-term wear. Crafted from 925 silver, 18K gold, or platinum, its jewellery prioritises durability to ensure enduring appeal over the years. 

It provides a diverse range of options for customised designs, from morganites to rare teal sapphires, catering to various budgets. 

Ready-to-wear pieces are available online and in-store, with bespoke services for personalised pieces like engagement rings or wedding bands. 

However, the bespoke process could take some time depending on the design complexity (up to three months). 

On the upside, the total bill covers only the gemstone and setting price; all other services are complimentary.


  • Free cleaning and polishing services
  • Uses 925 silver, 18K gold, or platinum on all pieces
  • Three-year warranty on all jewellery items
  • 30-day exchange and return policy


  • The bespoke process can take up to three months
  • No courier deliveries for local orders

Customer Reviews

Their professionalism, quality, and pricing are unmatched

“I wholeheartedly recommend Bespoke by Tessellate to anyone looking to create a personalized piece of jewellery, whether it’s an engagement ring, wedding band, or any other custom bespoke piece. Their professionalism, quality, and pricing are unmatched, and I couldn’t be happier with the end result.”

– Nicholas Ang, Google Review

Created an amazing ring that I absolutely love! 

“Highly recommend! My husband found this place randomly and made my engagement ring here. He was thoroughly guided into creating an amazing ring that I absolutely love! Came back months later for our wedding band and even got a matching necklace + pendant made here for me!”

– Maheswari B, Google Review

Michael Trio 

Address: 435 Orchard Rd, B1-29 Wisma Atria, Singapore 238877 (Google Maps)

Contact: +6569665473

Hours: Daily, 10.30 AM–9.30 PM


Michael Trio, a homegrown custom jewellery business, is owned by three 30-something-year-old brothers who were inspired by their father Michael’s dedication to the jewellery business. 

They specialise in wedding bands, engagement rings, precious gems, and diamond rings. 

Crafting in-house jewellery eliminates the need for large inventories and third-party production timelines and prices. This means that, unlike other jewellers, Michael Trio can produce a bespoke piece in just a month.

The shop buys polished diamonds solely from professional members of the diamond trade and has contracts ensuring conflict-free sourcing.


  • Free shipping for all products
  • Complimentary ring sizing
  • Lifetime warranty for jewellery maintenance
  • Customisation can be as fast as one month


  • No refunds on engraving services
  • No instalment payment plans for online orders

Customer Reviews

Recommended wedding bands and proposal rings based on our skin colour

“Recommended by a close friend of mine. Very good experience from start to finish. Was attended by Zayden who did his best to recommend wedding bands and proposal rings based on our skin colour. The end product looks great!”

– Luc, Google Review

Thank you for helping me choose the perfect ring for my proposal

“Served by Yvonne and she brought personalization to the next level. I told her I was interested in blue gemstone for an engagement ring and she showed me a tray full of sapphire and aquamarine. Yvonne asked for a description of my partner (I showed her a picture of me and my girlfriend) and she gave super helpful suggestions and recommendations on which gemstone should I choose based on the picture. 

Yvonne explained in detail the colour, shape and compatibility of the ring. In the end, we chose a light blue aquamarine with a rose gold band and just took a look at the photo, classic and gorgeous. Thank you for helping me choose a perfect ring for my proposal and yes, she said yes. Really appreciate the friendly, non-hard selling, thoughtful and professional service.”

– Lee Jia Sheng, Google Review

Merlin Goldsmith

Address: 75 Serangoon Rd, Singapore 217980

Contact: +65 6297 4168

Hours: Monday – Saturday: 11:00 AM – 9:30 PM; Sunday: 11:00 AM – 8:00 PM


Merlin Goldsmith & Jewellery Pte Ltd, located in the heart of Little India, Singapore, has been a prominent player in the gold jewellery market since 1991. Known for its high-quality gold jewellery and exceptional customer service, the shop has built long-standing relationships with its customers. Their offerings have expanded online, allowing a global clientele to access their collections without leaving home. 

We like that the shop is renowned for its personalized service, building trust and loyalty with customers. Many customers have longstanding relationships with the shop, indicating a high level of satisfaction and repeat business.

Furthermore, Merlin Goldsmith offers a wide range of jewellery, including handmade pieces and curated collections, catering to various tastes and preferences. Their online portal makes it easy for customers to browse and purchase jewellery from anywhere in the world.

Note though that the physical store is located in Little India, Singapore, which may not be convenient for all local customers to visit. For those who prefer to see and try jewellery in person before purchasing, the location might be a drawback.

Overall, Merlin Goldsmith & Jewellery Pte Ltd stands out for its high-quality gold jewellery, exceptional customer service, and commitment to excellence. With a rich history and a strong focus on relationships, the company has built a loyal customer base over the years. The addition of an online shopping portal has broadened their reach, making it easier for customers to access their exquisite collections. 


  • High-Quality Gold Jewellery Offered
  • Exceptional Customer Service
  • Diverse Expertise and Mastery


  • Limited Physical Accessibility

Customer Reviews

Here are some reviews from their clients:

“Happy with my online purchase with Merlin Goldsmith. Fast delivery and efficient service with updates from the team there. Lovely ring with a black heart. Will definitely come back for more😘”

“Ordered and delivered in less than 24 hours. Love the ring I received and definitely will be back for more. Service is super good, constant updates to inform me on my parcel whereabout. And the best part is, the ring box given is so cute ❤️ Love it so much!”

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