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Quick Fixes Top 5 Phone Repair Services in Singapore's Homepage

Quick Fixes: Top 5 Phone Repair Services in Singapore

How We Picked

Range of services

We evaluated repair shops based on the breadth of mobile phone brands and models they accept and the range of problems they can fix. 

Shops that can repair gadgets like laptops, desktop computers, and tablets earned additional points.

Industry experience

We ensured that our selection includes shops with several years of repair experience, preferably no less than three years.

Value for money

We looked into the price range of each repair shop, giving higher points to those that charge reasonable rates.

Customer service

We rated repair services based on their responsiveness and friendliness to customers. 

1. LYK Mobile Repair

LYK Mobile Repair's Homepage

Services: iPhone, iPad, Macbook, and Apple Watch repair


Address: 1 Irving Pl, #06-02 The Commerze@irving, Singapore 369546 

Contact Details: +65 9025-2185 |

Operating Hours: Daily: 11:00 AM – 9:00 PM


  • Battery replacement: $25 – $88
  • Glass crack: $35 – $225
  • Phone screen + LCD replacement: $65 – $425
  • Back housing replacement: $50 – $170
Google Reviews4.9/5
Total reviews5/5
Score consistency5/5
Range of services4.5/5
Industry experience5/5
Value for money4.7/5
Customer service4.9/5
– Responsiveness4.8/5
– Friendliness5/5


  • Repairs older iPhone models
  • Efficient and friendly technicians
  • Offers free device inspections
  • Has three outlets in the city


  • Can be too busy at times
  • Repairs are limited to Apple gadgets

LYK Mobile Repair is one of the best well-known mobile phone repair shops in the city and for good reasons. 

iPhone users love the shop due to its broad range of repair services for all things Apple. Some clients who also own an iPad or Macbook said LYK is their go-to.

The shop also offers doorstep service repair, meaning a technician will come to the customer’s house to fix their phone on-site. 

Most of the customers who tried the service shared that technicians were on time and efficient with their repairs. It also helped that the repair staff was friendly to them.

However, know that you’ll have to pay a transportation fee should you wish to add this convenience. 

Visiting the outlet means saving some dollars, but prepare to wait longer for someone to attend to you during peak periods (a.k.a. weekends). Repeat customers said that it’s best to come down during weekday mornings. 

You can try to book an appointment so you’ll be prioritized when you visit. Just ensure that you’ll arrive on time, as the staff might not be able to accommodate you if you come too early or too late.

A few clients also learned the hard way that rescheduling your appointment within less than two hours will cost you a $25 fee (which is a hefty charge), and they advised against last-minute cancellations as much as possible.

2. Mister Mobile

Mister Mobile's Homepage

Services: iPhone repair, Android phone repair, phone rental 


Address: 810 Geylang Rd, #01-67A City Plaza, Singapore 409286

Contact Details: +65 9223-0410 |

Operating Hours: Daily: 11:00 AM – 9:00 PM


  • iPhone LCD replacement: Starts at $48
  • Samsung LCD replacement: Starts at $68
  • iPhone battery replacement: Starts at $28 
Google Reviews4.8/5
Total reviews5/5
Score consistency4.9/5
Range of services5/5
Industry experience5/5
Value for money4.6/5
Customer service4.85/5
– Responsiveness4.7/5
– Friendliness5/5


  • Accepts a wide range of phone brands and models
  • Sells new phones and allows trade-ins 
  • Transparent pricing
  • Multiple locations


  • Warranty only up to 30 days
  • Repairs can take longer due to the volume of phones accepted

We suggest bringing your set to Mister Mobile if you need basic phone repairs, as it has a wide range of parts for screen and battery replacements.

Moreover, the shop caters to a wider range of mobile phone users. The shop’s technicians can fix various models from Apple, Samsung, and Sony, to name a few. 

They even offer screen repairs for your Macbook or Surface Pro!

Most customers who engaged with Mister Mobile said they were satisfied with the repairs, claiming that their phones were still good months after engaging with the service.

The shop’s pricing transparency also impressed them. They claimed that there were no hidden charges or sudden price increases (which other repair shops are infamous for).

That said, these same satisfied clients observed that the shop’s technicians could take a bit longer to finish the repairs, with some of them taking up to two hours.

A few clients also pointed out that Mister Mobile places a warranty of only 30 days on its repair works. You should take note of this information if you prefer longer warranties, especially for motherboard-level repairs (which are the most complex and priciest).

Also, know that the shop accepts walk-ins, so it’s often busy. Do book an appointment or arrive early so the staff can accommodate you right away.

3. LITE Mobile Repair

LITE Mobile Repair's Homepage

Services: iPhone repair, Android phone repair


Address: 176 Boon Lay Dr, #01-356, Singapore 640176

Contact Details: +65 8818-6844 |

Operating Hours: Daily: 11:00 AM – 9:00 PM 


  • iPhone motherboard repair: $58 – $198
  • iPhone housing replacement: $48 – $188
  • Huawei LCD replacement: $68 – $128
Google Reviews4.6/5
Total reviews5/5
Score consistency5/5
Range of services4.8/5
Industry experience5/5
Value for money4.7/5
Customer service4.75/5
– Responsiveness4.5/5
– Friendliness5/5


  • Offers one-stop-shop convenience
  • Multiple outlets
  • Offers warranties of up to three months


  • Limited motherboard expertise
  • Possible delays in customer response

If you want one-stop convenience, LITE Mobile Repair can be a practical choice due to its wide range of services and products.

Aside from on-site, same-day phone repairs, LITE also offers doorstep services, allows trade-ins, accommodates special orders of repair parts, and sells brand-new phones.

Customers shared that they were most impressed by the commitment of the technicians to finish the repairs on the day. Most of them got their phones back after a few hours.

A few clients experienced longer waits, but clarified that their phones had motherboard-level problems. 

They also expressed appreciation for the shop informing them about the time needed for the job and updating them on the progress through chat.

However, note that LITE offers a limited range of repairs for motherboards. The last time we checked, the shop repair list includes only iPhone and Oppo’s motherboards.

Also, know that communication hiccups are possible when transacting with the shop due to its volume of customers. 

We gathered a few reports of slow responses on WhatsApp and rare no-shows of specialists for doorstep services.

Fortunately, the shop has eight branches nationwide. You might want to try contacting the other outlets if your initial choice isn’t responding.

4. GW Mobile

GW Mobile's Homepage

Services: iPhone repair, Samsung repair, tablet repair 


Address: 1 Rochor Canal Rd, #05-60/61, Sim Lim Square, Singapore 188504

Contact Details: +65 9628-4044 |

Operating Hours: Daily: 10:30 AM – 8:30 PM

Google Reviews4.5/5
Total reviews5/5
Score consistency4.8/5
Range of services4.7/5
Industry experience5/5
Value for money4.5/5
Customer service4.85/5
– Responsiveness4.7/5
– Friendliness5/5


  • Attentive shop staff
  • Capable technicians
  • Also sells pre-owned phones


  • Repairs can take longer than an hour
  • No at-a-glance price list for repairs

Customers looking for pre-owned phone options as a backup plan should their old ones die on them can rely on GW Mobile’s wide selection.

Of course, the shop’s technicians will do everything in their power to repair your phone first. 

Many customers claimed that GW is thorough with its diagnoses and fixes, especially for basic repairs like LCD and battery replacements. 

Moreover, they said that the shop’s three-month warranty is more than enough guarantee. 

A few of them have used the warranty for minor issues following repairs and, fortunately, experienced outstanding aftersales service.   

Several of the clients also lauded the shop’s polite and attentive staff amidst busy hours. They shared that not many repair stores are as accommodating and pleasant as GW, adding that they’d likely return to the shop for its customer service. 

It’s a bit disappointing that GW does not have an at-a-glance price list for its repairs, though. Some clients found the fact a hassle, as they needed to use a quote generator first.

Additionally, GW Mobile has only one outlet in the city, so it’s often busy.

5. Fixbot

Fixbot's Homepage

Services: iPhone repair, Android repair, tablet repair, laptop repair


Address: 10 Sinaran Dr, #04-07 Square 2@Novena, Singapore 307506

Contact Details: +65 6677-2942 |

Operating Hours: Daily: 11:00 AM – 10:00 PM

Google Reviews4.9/5
Total reviews5/5
Score consistency5/5
Range of services4.8/5
Industry experience5/5
Value for money4.6/5
Customer service5/5
– Responsiveness5/5
– Friendliness5/5


  • Offers to deliver your gadget after repairs
  • Impressive turnaround
  • Highly responsive


  • No at-a-glance price list
  • Has only two branches

Fixbot is one of the few shops in the city that offers to deliver your phone to your doorstep after repairs, making it a convenient choice for busy customers.

This perk is especially helpful if your phone has complex issues (motherboard problems or multiple faults), as such repairs might take a few days to finish.

Several clients opted for doorstep delivery and claimed that the shop was efficient, from repair to returning the gadgets to them.

We see it as a downside that Fixbot does not have a quick list of repair prices, though. Customers who want to use the shop’s service must wait for it to send a quotation.

Fortunately, the shop’s customer desk is highly responsive. Clients claimed that Fixbot sent them detailed, courteous replies to their inquiries within the day, some of them receiving one right after sending their questions.

Some clients also mentioned that Fixbot’s turnaround is overall impressive, with technicians managing to finish repairs on the day. 

But, due to their speed, some slip-ups can occur, such as residual glue after a glass replacement or minor scratches on the phone.

Fortunately, these after-repair issues are rare and, for us, are not enough of a deal-breaker.

FAQs about Mobile Phone Repairs

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