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Guide to Butterfly Garden Singapore, One of Changi’s Green Gems

Guide to Butterfly Garden Singapore, One of Changi’s Green Gems

We love flying to and from Singapore thanks to the wonderful experiences we usually get when at Changi Airport. From comfortable waiting areas to amazing dining options nearby, it’s always a joy to wait for our flight in one of the best airports in Asia.

However, did you know that there are green spaces here that you shouldn’t miss out on? My favourite of them has to be the Butterfly Garden. The butterflies’ beautiful wings gets me all aflutter!

If you want to see them yourself, follow this guide.

Things to Know

Address: 70 Airport Blvd. 

Operating Hours:

  • Monday to Sunday, Open 24 hours

Contact Number: 6595 6868 

Cost: Free


How to Get There

By Subway: To get to the Butterfly Garden in Changi Airport coming from Singapore City Centre, you can take the Subway from Raffles Place. Ride the train for 37 minutes past Tana Merah MRT station to get off at Changi Airport.

We think this option strikes the perfect balance between cost (SGD 5) and travel time, making it the ideal option for most travellers who want value for money and speed in getting to the airport. 

By Bus: You can also take the bus to get to Changi Airport from the city centre. Just proceed to the Promenade Station and ride for around 1 hour and 21 minutes until you get to the Changi Airport Terminal 1.

If you’re in a hurry to get to the airport, this isn’t the option for you. However, you may want to take the bus to get to the airport if you have enough time and if you want to do a bit of sightseeing around the city.

By Taxi: You can also take a taxi to get from the city centre to the airport. 

It will definitely cost you more at around SGD 17, but it will also be the fastest (17 minutes) and most convenient option for travellers, especially if you’re in a hurry or if you’re travelling with family or as a group.

What to Do in Butterfly Garden Singapore

1. Watch the butterfly life cycle

From geebraprint

We thought that the butterfly garden was just one big enclosure for butterflies inside the airport. Boy were we proven wrong! 

During our visit, we witnessed the different life cycles of these beautiful butterflies thanks to the different enclosures present inside the garden.

You can check out the feeding and breeding of butterflies and take photos or videos of these majestic creatures as they burst out from their pupa. They have around 1,000 species here so be sure to have your phone or cameras ready before your visit!

Pro Tip:
You can get to the Butterfly Garden by asking airport staff where Gates A and B are. It’s located between these gates and situated near the many restaurants onsite.

2. Learn about exotic plants

From asheqahmadullah

Aside from the butterflies of the garden, there are also a ton of exotic plants for you to enjoy. We were blown away by the colourful fauna on site, and we would have missed our flight if we stayed too long just to stare at these flower beds!

Some of the plants that you can expect include the Indian holly, Egyptian star cluster, and the red powder puff plant. We enjoyed watching the butterflies flit and fly around from one plant to the next.

Pro Tip:
You might be surprised that most butterflies will fly towards the red powder puff plant. This is because these insects are attracted to its bright colour. 

3. Marvel at an indoor waterfall

From iwindia_s 

After enjoying the company of the butterflies and taking in the beautiful fauna of the garden, you can check out the awe-inspiring indoor waterfall of the Butterfly Garden. 

It’s an imposing-looking waterfall at 6 metres and a spot where we took tons of pictures to serve as our souvenirs! You can also take your time walking through the garden trails on the way to the indoor waterfall.

There’s also a koi carp pool just before these garden trails.

Pro Tip:
While walking through the garden, be on the lookout for information signages posted throughout this tourist spot. It has information on the fauna and the lifecycle of butterflies that will surely enhance your knowledge! 
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