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The 5 Best Clinics for Pigmentation Treatment in Singapore

The 5 Best Clinics for Pigmentation Treatment in Singapore

Credentials and Experience

Your skin is one of the most delicate parts of your body. One mistake can damage it forever.

To get your money’s worth, it’s best to visit an accredited clinic for your pigmentation treatment in Singapore.

Scope of Services

To make the most of your appointment with your doctor, you might want to consider getting other skin treatments besides pigmentation removal. We’ve then added clinics that offer a range of skin procedures. 

Equipment and facilities

Admit it or not, the first thing you want to see when you drop by a clinic is its state-of-the-art facilities and high-tech equipment. It just hits different when you visit a clinic that offers modern convenience. 


Most people are looking for clinics that offer quality yet affordable pigmentation treatment in Singapore. Thus, we’ve considered this factor to help you make the right choice.

1. Sozo Aesthetic Clinic

Sozo Aesthetic Clinic Homepage

Services: Pigmentation, acne, tattoo removal pores, underarm whitening, scar treatment, chin fillers, double chin removal 


Address: 1 Raffles Pl, #05-12/13, Singapore 048616

Contact Information: +65 6935 1811

Operating Hours: Monday to Saturday, 10:30 am to 8 pm

Google reviews score4.7/5
FacialSingapore score4.7/5
Total reviews3.8/5
Score consistency4.5/5
Credentials and experience5/5
Scope of services5/5
Equipment and facilities5/5


  • Has been featured in various magazines
  • Uses advanced technology
  • Doctor has gained experience abroad


  • Long waiting time
  • High-cost treatments
  • Charges $70 for consultation fee

Did you know that the word “Sozo” can mean two things? 

In Japanese and Greek, it means “create” or “restore,” respectively. That’s pretty cool, right?

With such a catchy name, it’s no surprise that Sozo Aesthetic Clinic is a popular destination among those who want to keep skin smooth and flawless. But seriously, it’s not only the moniker that makes this beauty center stand out!

Dr. Justin Boey, its medical director, is a facial aesthetics specialist whose main interest includes pigmentation and anti-aging treatment. He earned his bachelor’s degree from the National University of Singapore and further pursued higher education abroad.

From what we know, Dr. Boey went to highly respected international institutions, including Harvard Medical School and the Queen Mary University of London, to continuously expand his knowledge.

Notably, his time away from Singapore has allowed him to treat both Caucasian and Asian patients alike, which has now become one of his strengths.

Through his professional yet friendly approach, Dr. Boey has helped Sozo Aesthetic Clinic gain commercial success. In fact, this beauty hub has been featured in several magazines like The Singapore Women’s Weekly, Men’s Folio, and The Peak.

Of course, we would also like to mention how this clinic utilizes one of the latest laser treatments for pigmentation in Singapore—Pico laser. It’s a noninvasive piece of technology that helps remove dark spots from your skin.

While we absolutely love the clinic’s spacious and clean environment, we’re a little disappointed about the long waiting time, despite having previously set an appointment. 

We’re also a bit taken aback by the expensive treatments. Honestly, the $70 consultation fee is a bit of a stretch, in addition to the price of their skin treatments.

2. O Medical Clinic

O Medical Clinic Homepage

Services: Pigmentation removal, hair removal, laser skin, filler, anti-wrinkle injection, thread lift, Coolsculpting, laser bust enhancement, vagina tightening


Address: Wheelock Place, #05-08, Singapore 238880

Contact Information: +65 6235 4434

Operating Hours: Monday to Friday, 10:30 am to 8:30 pm; Saturday, 10:30 am to 6:30 pm 

Google reviews score4.9/5
Facebook reviews score5/5
Total reviews5/5
Score consistency4.7/5
Credentials and experience5/5
Scope of services5/5
Equipment and facilities5/5


  • Offers a loyalty program
  • A multi-awarded clinic


  • Long waiting time
  • Difficulty in booking an appointment
  • Expensive treatment

O Medical Clinic has been providing personalized aesthetic treatments for over 15 years now. With more than a decade of experience, it’s no wonder it has received a long list of recognitions from various award-giving bodies in Singapore.

For instance, O Medical Clinic has been named as DaySpa Reader’s Choice and the winner of the 2010 Fitness Beauty Awards and the 2012 American Spa Professional’s Choice Awards.

Indeed, the success of this aesthetic clinic would not have been possible without the help of its team of medically certified and trained doctors as well as its founders, Adren How and Jermaine Teo.

Through the years, this clinic has gained a loyal clientele. To show its gratitude, O Medical Clinic has introduced its own loyalty program. 

To subscribe to this program, patients have to pay at least $299 to $799 annually (for loyal customers or VIPs, respectively). Some of the perks include points accumulation, complimentary treatments, and product discounts. 

We’re also excited about the different laser treatments that O Medical Clinic provides since they use innovative equipment to help rejuvenate the skin. The Pro-Yellow laser, for instance, utilizes pure yellow light to help fix skin pigmentation. 

Unfortunately, the long waiting time is a big turn-off, especially if you’re paying a premium price for a laser treatment. The clinic’s scheduling system may still be improved to avoid causing delays among its customers. 

Speaking of schedules, setting up an appointment with O Medical Clinics specialists is also not an easy task. Of course, that’s something to expect if you’re hoping to be accommodated by one of the best clinics for pigment removal in Singapore.

We also need to talk about its expensive treatment plans. Prepare your wallet when you visit O Medical Clinic since you may have to spend a few bucks more than your typical aesthetic centers. 

3. Edwin Lim Medical Aesthetic Clinic

Edwin Lim Medical Aesthetic Clinic Homepage

Services: Pigmentation laser, underarm whitening laser, fat freezing, laser mole and bump removal, subcision acne scars, hair loss medication


Address: #02-12/13 Changi City Point, 5 Changi Business Park Central 1, Singapore 486038

Contact Information: +65 6904 2218

Operating Hours: Monday to Friday, 11 am to 8 pm; Saturday, 11 am to 6 pm

Google reviews score4.9/5
FacialSingapore score4.7/5
DataGemba score5/5
Total reviews3.2/5
Score consistency4.7/5
Credentials and experience5/5
Scope of services5/5
Equipment and facilities5/5


  • Has been featured in various magazines
  • Offers personalized treatment plans


  • High-priced treatments
  • Lack of transparency in pricing
  • Charges $60-consultation fee

Having blemish-free skin has been a dream for many. Fortunately, Edwin Lim Medical Aesthetic Clinic can help you achieve just that through its laser treatment program for pigmentation.

To get the best results, Dr. Edwin Lim, its medical director, strives to personalize every patient’s treatment plan based on their skin type and concerns. He’s also a firm believer in evidenced-based and minimally invasive procedures with minimal downtime.

We tried to get to know Dr. Edwin Lim, and we’re happy about what we found out. First, he’s a graduate of the National University of Singapore and a qualified member of the Royal College of Surgeons in Edinburgh.

He pursued postgraduate studies in Cardiff for practical dermatology. Later on, he received a diploma from the American Academy of Aesthetic Medicine, which cemented his fate as one of the top beauty doctors in the country. 

To keep up with the advances in medical aesthetics, Dr. Lim ensures that his clinic is equipped with the latest technology for pigmentation treatment. 

Depending on the patient’s individual needs, he may use the Spectra Pigmentation, Pro-Yellow, or the eCO2 laser. 

However, our biggest concern about Edwin Lim Medical Aesthetic Clinic is its price points. Compared to other beauty centers, it has expensive rates, which may be a big problem if you’re on a tight budget.

It also charges at least $70 for each consultation, in addition to the already costly treatments.

Truth be told, we’re just a little bit concerned, too, about its lack of transparency when it comes to its pricing. We certainly would not want you to be caught off guard as your bill arrives.

4. Stephanie Ho Dermatology

Stephanie Ho Dermatology Homepage

Services: Medical, pediatric, cosmetic, surgical dermatological treatment


Address: 9 Scotts Road, Pacific Plaza, Scotts Medical Center #08-05, Singapore 228210

Contact Information: +65 6262 0880

Operating Hours: Monday to Friday, 9 am to 6 pm; Saturday, 9 am to 1 pm

Google reviews score4.6/5
DataGemba score4.7/5
Total reviews3/5
Score consistency4.5/5
Credential and experience5/5
Scope of services5/5
Equipment and facilities5/5


  • Doctor is fluent in English, Mandarin, and Cantonese
  • Award-winning dermatologist


  • Long waiting time
  • Expensive treatment

When looking for the best aesthetic doctor for pigmentation treatment in Singapore, we always seek someone with outstanding credentials and years of experience in the field.

Luckily, Dr. Stephanie Ho is a UK-trained dermatologist who has over two decades of experience in the field. As a seasoned aesthetic doctor, she has already mastered  different techniques for different skin conditions like allergies, rashes, and eczema. 

Dr. Ho received her medical degree from the University of Edinburgh and pursued postgraduate education in the UK. Later on, she completed her dermatology training in London and did extensive research about lasers in Hong Kong. 

Apart from being well-versed in aesthetic medicine, she’s a fluent speaker of at least three languages—Mandarin, Cantonese, and English. So, if you’re an expat visiting Singapore, you may want to check out Dr. Ho’s clinic for a quick consultation. 

Speaking of expats, did you know that Dr. Ho is a recipient of the Expat Living Readers’ Choice Awards for two consecutive years for the Best Dermatologist category? That’s truly an outstanding feat if you ask us!

Now, if you’re wondering what type of equipment is used for skin treatment, worry not. Dr. Ho only utilizes the best devices available, including Picoway, GentleLase, Excel V, and Genesis laser.

With its luxurious facilities, we aren’t surprised that the rates for their skin treatments are on the pricier side of the spectrum. Of course, that’s bad news for those who can’t afford such a steep price for laser pigmentation removal.

We’re also not happy about the long waiting time, despite having set an appointment prior to the date of the consultation. The scheduling conflict can be quite stressful, especially if you’re a busy bee who’s always in a rush.

5. Ensoul Medical Aesthetic Clinic

Ensoul Medical Aesthetic Clinic Homepage

Services: Pigmentation Laser, Radiofrequency Microneedling, Acne, Acne Scars, Skin Laxity, freckles removal, dermal or cheek fillers, anti-aging and wrinkle treatment


Address: 360 Orchard Rd, #08-01 International Building, Singapore 238869

Contact Information: +65 6836 2833 / +65 8878 0300

Operating Hours: Monday to Friday, 10 am to 9 pm; Saturday, 10 am to 6 pm

Google reviews score 4.9/5
FacialSingapore score4.8/5
Total reviews3.5/5
Score consistency4.5/5
Credentials and experience5/5
Scope of services5/5
Equipment and facilities5/5


  • Follows a holistic approach
  • A doctor with over 30 years of experience in the field
  • Use a multi-modal treatment approach


  • Rates are exclusive of Goods and Services Tax (GST)

Bringing his three decades of medical experience to the table, Dr. Kenneth Thean of Ensoul Medical Aesthetic Clinic has proven himself time and time again that he’s one of the best aesthetic specialists for pigmentation treatment in Singapore. 

In his long career as a skin specialist, Dr. Thean has mastered a long list of treatment modalities, including the most comprehensive aesthetic laser procedures, to help eliminate different types of pigmentation—from freckles to stubborn, brown acne spots.

While topical creams may also work in some cases, Dr. Thean prefers using more efficient laser equipment to help remove dark spots on the skin for quicker yet permanent results. He uses at least five different types of lasers including Pico laser.

Apart from running Ensoul Medical Aesthetic Clinic, Dr. Thean works with Pure Laser Clinic Group as its medical advisor. He has also attended several training courses and programs, alongside talented doctors from the US, Europe, and Australia. 

Moreover, he has landed a spot on the Cynosure Asia Pacific SculpSure Committee members, thanks to his keen interest in aesthetic medicine.

While we can’t help but admire Ensoul Medical Aesthetic Clinic’s friendly staff, we’re just a bit disappointed about their slow response to WhatsApp inquiries. Sometimes, the messages would even be left unread for days. 

The price list is also a bit over the top, considering that the rates are exclusive of GST. For example, a $380 treatment will cost you at least $406 (with GST).

FAQS about Pigmentation Treatment in Singapore

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