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Top 5 Directors for Catholic Funerals in Singapore

​​Top 5 Directors for Catholic Funerals in Singapore

How We Picked the Best Directors for Catholic Funerals in SG

Industry Experience

We prioritised funeral homes with decades of experience handling Catholic funerals in Singapore. It’s crucial to consider funeral directors who are respected and trusted in the industry.

Funeral Packages

Catholic funerals in Singapore have specific requirements for preparation. We considered funeral homes that offer comprehensive packages that include many essential funeral elements. 

Equipment and Facilities

We gathered funeral homes with sufficient equipment and facilities to host wakes and burial ceremonies. In-house servicing is a great plus. 


Catholic funerals in Singapore can often be expensive. We gave priority to funeral homes that offer reasonable rates for their packages. 

          1. Harmony Funeral Care

          Harmony Funeral Care Homepage

          Services: Professional cleaning, obituary publishing, death claim assistance, Catholic funeral services, transportation, post-funeral services, ash collection service


          Address: 38 Sin Ming Drive, #01-523/525, Singapore 575712

          Contact Information: +65 9489 2424

          Operating Hours: Open 24/7

          Google reviews score4.9/5
          Facebook reviews score5/5
          Total reviews5/5
          Score consistency5/5
          Industry experience5/5
          Funeral packages5/5
          Equipment and facilities5/5


          • Professional and responsive team
          • Highly experienced funeral home 


          • Additional charges for extra features
          • Usually fully booked

          Catholic funerals in Singapore are pretty standard, and families often trust Harmony Funeral Care to put together a proper send-off. 

          Harmony Funeral Care has been serving communities for generations. It’s one of the reasons why funeral home services are sought-after by many Singaporeans. 

          The team at Harmony Funeral Care is well-trained and well-versed in preparing different funeral types that cater to specific religions. 

          Harmony Funeral Care offers comprehensive packages for Catholic funerals that include 24/7 assistance, transportation, casket decor, and food catering. 

          Harmony Funeral Care also provides post-funeral arrangements such as ash collection and assistance with death claims.

          The professionalism of the funeral home’s team is top-notch. They can manage the venue according to the bereaved family’s wishes. 

          If you wish to conduct the wake at the funeral home, Harmony Funeral Care will arrange for seating and refreshments for the guests. 

          While the packages are inclusive, we noticed a couple of additional charges for extra features. We think that for some of them, like obituaries and catering, the funeral home could improve on including these features in a package. 

          Since Harmony Funeral Care is a leading provider of Catholic funerals in Singapore, it’s not surprising that the team is often fully booked. 

          That said, setting up a funeral with them may take some time. However, if you have queries about pre-planning services, you may contact the 24/7 hotline. 

          2. Embrace Funeral Services

          Embrace Funeral Services Homepage

          Services: Cremation services, grave exhumation, body transportation, custom casket service, pre-planning services, funeral emcee, Catholic funeral services


          Address: Block 87 Geylang Bahru, Singapore 339695

          Contact Information: +65 9692 1100, [email protected] 

          Operating Hours: Open 24/7

          Google reviews score5/5
          Facebook reviews score5/5
          Total reviews4.9/5
          Score consistency4.9/5
          Industry experience4.8/5
          Funeral packages4.9/5
          Equipment and facilities4.8/5


          • Custom casket services available
          • Offers funeral emcee services 


          • Pricey funeral packages
          • Usually fully booked

          Embrace Funeral Services should be one of your top picks if you’re looking for a funeral home that prioritises fulfilling the deceased’s wishes. 

          As a one-stop funeral service provider, Embrace Funeral Service caters to all types of funeral rites, from Catholic to Taoist. 

          The funeral home is known among the Singaporean community as a leading purveyor of custom caskets. 

          If you want a casket made with a specific design, Embrace Funeral Service may create one according to your wishes. 

          Catholic funerals in Singapore are solemn events where people gather to pay their last respects. That said, this type of funeral often hosts dozens of guests. 

          Luckily, Embrace Funeral Services has the equipment and facilities to accommodate more significant numbers of guests. The team will make the necessary arrangements to create a comfortable environment during the wake.

          Upon request, Embrace Funeral Services can also provide an emcee who can entertain guests during the service. The emcee will also handle guests who want to share stories and memories of the dearly departed. 

          The funeral home’s Catholic funeral packages are pretty expensive, however. Rates begin at $5,500 and include embalming services, venue setup, transportation, and floral arrangements. 

          If Embrace Funeral Services sounds like the funeral home you are looking for, we highly encourage you to contact them about pre-funeral planning. 

          This is because they are usually fully booked, and it may prove more efficient to contact them about your funeral plans before the need for a burial arises. 

          3. Empathy Funeral Services

          Services: Catholic funeral service, encoffining service, cremation services, transportation, embalming and makeup, tentage services, post-funeral memorials


          Address: 6 Yishun Industrial Street 1, #08-13 North View Bizhub, Singapore 768090

          Contact Information: +65 6850 5023, [email protected] 

          Operating Hours: Open 24/7

          Google reviews score5/5
          Total reviews4/5
          Score consistency4/5
          Industry experience4.7/5
          Funeral packages4.5/5
          Equipment and facilities4.8/5


          • In-house servicing 
          • Catholic funeral packages are inclusive


          • Relatively new to the industry
          • Pricey services

          Another reliable and trusted provider of Catholic funerals in Singapore is Empathy Funeral Services. The funeral home provides grieving families with dignified ceremonies to celebrate the dearly departed’s life. 

          One of the best features of Empathy Funeral Services is that the funeral home conducts all its services in-house. This omits the use of third-party companies, giving clients more flexibility and security. 

          The funeral home is relatively young in the industry but has already developed a loyal following among the Catholic community in Singapore. 

          The funeral packages are pretty comprehensive and include cremation and post-funeral memorial gatherings. 

          You can avail of tentage service for a more significant number of guests and even pallbearers upon request. Floral arrangements, condolence books, and a mobile toilet may also be provided. 

          A dedicated funeral director from Empathy Funeral Service will also attend throughout the ceremony and viewing days. 

          On the first day, the funeral home will offer complimentary refreshments for the family members and guests. This is a massive plus for us! 

          While the packages are comprehensive, services are relatively pricey. Clients may avail of value-added services such as photo collages for an additional charge. 

          Despite the cost, we still think that clients will get the most value from their money with Empathy Funeral Services. We highly recommend the funeral home for your Catholic funeral needs. 

          4. All Saints Bereavement Care

          All Saints Bereavement Care Homepage

          Services: Sea burial, international repatriation, funeral parlour, Catholic funeral service, hearse transportation, baby funerals, grief counselling


          Address: 15 Yishun Industrial Street 1, Win5, Singapore 768091

          Contact Information: +65 8321 3377, [email protected] 

          Operating Hours: Open 24/7

          Google reviews score5/5
          Facebook reviews score5/5
          Total reviews4/5
          Score consistency4.5/5
          Industry experience4.5/5
          Funeral packages4.5/5
          Equipment and facilities4/5


          • Offers grief counselling services
          • Provides complimentary Wi-Fi and online memorial


          • Relatively young reputation
          • Additional charges for post-funeral services

          All Saints Bereavements offers grieving families the support they need to prepare for a grand send-off. 

          Whether through a limousine hearse or elaborate casket arrangement, the team has the resources to prepare a memorable and dignified Catholic funeral in Singapore. 

          The funeral home’s packages cover transportation, 24/7 response services, a decorative casket area, and a sound system for the wake. 

          All Saints Bereavement can set up an online memorial free of charge for friends and guests who can’t make it to the service. 

          Whether you decide to host the wake at a funeral parlour or at home, the funeral home can set up complimentary Wi-Fi. 

          The funeral director will be on-call 24/7 during all the funeral days leading up to the burial. The team can prepare the necessary Roman Catholic funeral elements for the bereaved family. 

          All Saints Bereavement is still a relatively young funeral home compared to other listings. However, the team has acquired loyalty among the Catholic and Christian communities for their professionalism and efficiency. 

          Even better, All Saints Bereavement offers grief counselling services for the deceased’s family and friends. After the burial ceremony, clients access helpful resources for moving on and managing emotions when needed. 

          However, since counselling is generally a post-funeral service, the rates are different and may vary depending on the type of package chosen. 

          Overall, All Saints Bereavement is a solid option for Catholic funerals in Singapore. We encourage interested clients to contact them about their pre-planning services. 

          5. Holy Spirit Bereavement

          Services: International repatriation, hospice programmes, Catholic funeral packages, home visitation services, embalming services


          Address: 11 Yishun Industrial Street, #04-112 Northspring Bizhub, Singapore 768089

          Contact Information: +65 8438 8888

          Operating Hours: Open 24/7

          Google reviews score5/5
          Facebook reviews score5/5
          Total reviews4/5
          Score consistency4/5
          Industry experience4.5/5
          Funeral packages4/5
          Equipment and facilities4/5


          • Highly experienced in preparing Catholic funerals
          • Responsive team 


          • Relatively pricey services
          • Could improve on post-funeral services and support

          The team at Holy Spirit Bereavement is well-versed in handling Catholic funerals in Singapore. Holy Spirit Bereavement ensures that the funeral service goes smoothly, from the funeral liturgy to the burial ceremony. 

          For over 20 years, Holy Spirit Bereavement has proven efficient and reliable in managing and preparing Catholic funerals in Singapore. 

          Packages include embalming services, casket decoration, transportation, and sound systems for the ceremony. 

          Suppose you wish to level up the send-off ceremony. In that case, the funeral home can arrange for professional musicians like bagpipers to perform during the transfer from the parlour to the burial site. 

          The Holy Spirit Bereavement team is also lauded for their responsiveness and professionalism. They are quick on their feet and on-call for the service’s duration. 

          We noted, however, that the post-funeral services could be improved. Services like cremation and counselling are key factors that we think should be included in any of the funeral packages. 

          Rates are also relatively pricey. If there are concerns about the financing, we highly suggest contacting a representative about preparing a Catholic funeral on a budget. 

          Despite that, we still think hiring Holy Spirit Bereavement for your funeral needs is worth your time and money. 

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