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Top 5 Directors for Taoist Funerals in Singapore

Top 5 Directors for Taoist Funerals in Singapore

How We Picked the Best Funeral Homes for Taoist Funerals in SG

Industry Experience

Funeral homes with extensive industry experience are often well-versed in several religious funeral ceremonies.

We gathered options with at least a decade of experience in handling Taoist funerals in Singapore. 

Funeral Packages

Funeral packages for Taoist funerals in Singapore include necessary ceremonial elements like candles, music, and paper products.

We gave priority to funeral homes that offer inclusive packages and additional features. 

Equipment and Facilities

Many funeral homes conduct ceremonies and burial preparations at the preferred location of their client.

We gathered funeral directors that have the equipment and facilities to conduct special ceremonial services.


Funerals can be expensive and grieving families deserve the peace of mind when it comes to preparing a dignified send-off for their loved one. We considered funeral homes that offer inclusive packages at reasonable rates. 

1. Embrace Funeral Services

Embrace Funeral Services Homepage

Services: Taoist funeral service, tentages, floral decoration, custom casket service, pallbearers, grave exhumation, body cremation services


Address: 50 Gambas Crescent, #06-11 Proxima @ Gambas, Singapore 757022

Contact Information: +65 9692 1100, [email protected] 

Operating Hours: Open 24/7

Google reviews score5/5
Facebook reviews score5/5
Total reviews5/5
Score consistency5/5
Industry experience5/5
Funeral packages5/5
Equipment and facilities5/5


  • Embalming services included
  • Custom casket services available


  • Expensive services
  • Cremation can be added for an additional charge

Embrace Funeral Services is well-versed in preparing Taoist funerals in Singapore. For over 20 years, the funeral home has served hundreds of mourning families across several religions. 

Taoist funerals in Singapore follow traditional burial customs like sacred ceremonies, incense burning, and funeral feasts. 

The team at Embrace Funeral Services will handle the preparations for the funeral procession. Funeral packages include 24/7 transfer service, embalming, and casket making. 

For Taoist funerals in Singapore, the funeral home offers a Grace Casket made of elegant wood and a glossy finish. The interiors are trimmed with satin and painted in the colours of the family’s choice. 

If the deceased had planned terms for their burial, Embrace Funeral Services will make the necessary arrangements to fulfil these requests. 

Funeral packages also include

  • Floral decorations
  • Tentages
  • Joss paper for burning
  • Other necessary ritual elements that are needed for the sacred ceremony

We appreciate that the funeral home includes embalming in their packages for family members who wish to get it done for the dearly departed. 

Post-funeral services like counselling are also available for the deceased’s family members. Cremation, however, is a feature that can be added for an additional charge. 

Due to the number of features included within each funeral package, a standard Taoist funeral with Embrace Funeral Services costs around $8,000. It’s a steep price compared to other funeral types. 

However, we still think the price is worth the professional and quality service the funeral home gives. We suggest contacting a representative about financing a Taoist funeral in Singapore. 

2. Nirvana Memorial Garden

Nirvana Memorial Garden Homepage

Services: Pre-planning services, prayer services, cremation services, embalming services, Taoist funeral services, casket design, post-funeral services


Address: 950 Old Choa Chu Kang Road, Singapore 699816

Contact Information: +65 9238 6601, [email protected]

Operating Hours: Monday to Sunday, 8:30 am to 5:15 pm

Google reviews score4.3/5
Facebook reviews score4.1/5
Total reviews3.5/5
Score consistency4/5
Industry experience5/5
Funeral packages4.75/5
Equipment and facilities4.5/5


  • Experienced Taoist funeral directors
  • Wide scope of funeral services


  • Not available 24/7
  • Could improve on custom funeral packages

Nirvana Memorial Garden knows how crucial it is to keep a Taoist funeral in Singapore sacred through prayers and rituals. 

Many past clients trust the funeral home for its expertise in handling religious funerals. The team comes prepared and is well-versed in Taoist burial customs. 

Nirvana Memorial Garden is also a solemn yet beautiful place to gather for a funeral. The ambience and environment are inviting, making it an ideal resting place for the dearly departed. 

Aside from the professionalism and responsiveness of the funeral directors, Nirvana Memorial Garden offers an extensive array of funeral services. 

Family members can choose from a menu of features like specific coffin designs, floral decorations, candles, and even incense types for burning. 

Taoist rituals may also be included upon request. If a family member decides to host a wake for more than a hundred guests, the funeral home has the space and provisions for larger crowds. 

This makes Nirvana Memorial Garden highly suitable for large funeral ceremonies. Family members and friends can also request refreshments and reception items for better accommodation. 

Just note that while the packages are inclusive, there is limited customisation. You’d still have to pay the total price if you opt for a specific package but don’t need some of the features. 

This could be a point of improvement for the funeral home since family members may want a more brief funeral ceremony instead. 

If Nirvana Memorial Garden sounds like the perfect funeral director for you, make sure to get in touch with them within operating hours. Unlike most funeral homes, Nirvana doesn’t operate 24/7. 

Overall, Nirvana Memorial Garden is a solid choice for clients who want grander Taoist funerals in Singapore. Get in touch with a representative about pre-planning services. 

3. Empathy Funeral Services

Empathy Funeral Services Homepage

Services: Taoist funeral services, free thinker funeral services, casket creation, pre-funeral planning services, memorial ceremony services, tentage set up


Address: 6 Yishun Industrial Street 1, #08-13 North View Bizhub, Singapore 768090

Contact Information: +65 6850 5023, [email protected] 

Operating Hours: Open 24/7

Google reviews score5/5
Total reviews4.5/5
Score consistency4.5/5
Industry experience4.5/5
Funeral packages4.5/5
Equipment and facilities4.5/5


  • In-house services 
  • Great array of post-funeral services


  • Relatively young reputation
  • Pricey services

When it comes to giving a proper send-off to a loved one, Empathy Funeral Services understands the importance of being by a family’s side throughout the whole ceremony. 

Whether to welcome their guests or accommodate their every need, the teams at Empathy Funeral Services live up to their name. 

Upon calling, the funeral directors will get straight to work by collecting the deceased and preparing them for the funeral. 

Family members can skip the embalming process or include it in their chosen package. 

If you’re in need of post-funeral services, Empathy Funeral Services can arrange prayer services, memorial ceremonies, and even sea burials. 

Just note that some pre-planning and post-funeral services may have extra charges, depending on the scale of features you want to be included in your package. 

This makes them pricier than other funeral homes. However, a great feature of this funeral home is that the team conducts its services in-house. 

This omits the extra charges that may incur if services are acquired from third-party organisations. 

It also provides a better sense of security, knowing that your loved one is taken care of by the same dedicated and experienced personnel. 

The funeral home is still relatively new in the industry, so if you’re particular about industry experience, they may not be the right pick for you. Despite being young, Empathy Funeral Services has grown to be a trusted provider of funeral services. 

Overall, we highly recommend families get in touch with a representative from Empathy Funeral Services and enquire about packages for Taoist funerals in Singapore. 

4. Ang Chin Moh Funeral Directors

Ang Chin Moh Funeral Directors Homepage

Services: Sea burial services, Taoist funeral services, pre-planning services, post-funeral services, ash collection, body cremation


Address: Block 88 Geylang Bahru, #01-2724, Singapore 339696

Contact Information: 1800 226 3333, [email protected] 

Operating Hours: Open 24/7

Google reviews score4.8/5
Facebook reviews score4.9/5
Total reviews5/5
Score consistency5/5
Industry experience4.9/5
Funeral packages4.5/5
Equipment and facilities4.5/5


  • Offers a great array of funeral packages
  • Packages are customisable


  • Could improve on responsiveness
  • Could improve on rate transparency

For many generations, Ang Chin Moh Funeral Directors has been serving communities with quality services that meet the standards of traditional Taoist funerals in Singapore. 

Ang Chin Moh is no stranger to the urgency of preparing a dignified ceremony for the departed. The team works together to ensure the bereaved family’s needs are met throughout the procession. 

Whether it’s casket creation or pre-planning, Ang Chin Moh prioritises quality over quantity, no matter how busy they get. 

The funeral home’s packages are customisable, with many options to choose from. 

The team can conduct international repatriations, post-funeral services, and religious ceremonies. The funeral home also has a dedicated funeral package for baby funerals. 

For Taoist funerals in Singapore, the package includes the following:

  • Paper effigies
  • Taoist prayer tools
  • A live band
  • A night service team that will attend to the procession after hours

You may also include transportation and table decorations. Since the package is customisable, you can exclude other elements that won’t be necessary. 

The team can also arrange a wake location for you if you host a service outside your home. Each team member will be on call during the procession. 

Due to the high influx of queries, Ang Chin Moh is often fully booked, making bookings quite tricky. We’d also like to note the lack of rate transparency. 

If you want an estimate quote for a customised package, we highly suggest giving Ang Chin Moh Funeral Directors a call for clarification.

5. Harmony Funeral Care Singapore

Harmony Funeral Care Singapore Homepage

Services: Taoist funeral services, encoffining services, paper product burning, pre-planning services, baby funeral services, grave exhumation


Address: 38 Sin Ming Drive, #01-523/525, Singapore 575712

Contact Information: +65 9489 2424

Operating Hours: Open 24/7

Google reviews score4.9/5
Facebook reviews score5/5
Total reviews4.8/5
Score consistency4.8/5
Industry experience4.5/5
Funeral packages4.5/5
Equipment and facilities4.5/5


  • Established team of funeral directors
  • Highly experienced in managing Taoist funerals


  • Usually fully booked
  • Fees are charged for additional features

Harmony Funeral Care has over 60 years of funeral service experience. The team of funeral directors are widely trusted for their expertise in managing religious ceremonies like Taoist funerals in Singapore. 

Harmony Funeral Care promptly assists families with their needs during the funeral procession. 

The funeral home’s Taoist funeral package includes night prayer services, paper offerings, and even traditional Taoist musicians and dancers. 

The encoffining ceremony is conducted by a priest of the family’s choosing or acquired from the funeral home. Families can also decide to bring their own food and fruit offerings. 

Since the team at Harmony Funeral Care is well-versed in Taoist funeral traditions, they can assist you with any ceremonial procession to ensure the service goes smoothly. 

The assigned funeral directors will collect the deceased and begin the transportation and dressing process. 

From there, paper products and prayers will be ready for the service. Additional features may be included but with extra charges, unfortunately. 

Harmony Funeral Care receives a high influx of queries, making them often fully booked. We highly suggest speaking to a representative about the funeral home’s pre-planning services. 

Overall, Harmony Funeral Care is a solid funeral home for Taoist funerals in Singapore. We highly recommend booking their services in advance. 

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