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Top 5 Chalets in Singapore for Your Next Staycation's Homepage

Top 5 Chalets in Singapore for Your Next Staycation

Facilities and amenities

We picked staycation locations that embody the “home away from home” vibe, with additional facilities and amenities (e.g. barbecue areas, pools, and play areas) for total holiday fun.


We evaluated each chalet/villa destination by its ease of access, surrounding views, and interior furnishings.

Value for money

As renting chalets and villas are usually pricey, we focused on locations with rates that were worth the staying experience. 

Customer service

We evaluated each destination based on the responsiveness of the front desk, which we believe is necessary to avoid problems in booking and payments.

Selected members of our team took turns staying in several chalets and villas in Singapore for the holidays. 

Generally, we enjoyed our short vacations in these places. But we didn’t forget to be critical of our location assignment, basing our ratings on the following criteria: 

We’ve also observed the staff’s attentiveness and friendliness during our stay.

1. CSC @ Changi

CSC @ Changi's Homepage

Facilities/amenities: Home spaces, Sheltered BBQ pits, pool


Address: 2 Nevetharon Rd, Singapore 508503

Contact Details: +65 6709-4709

Google Reviews4.3/5
Total reviews5/5
Score consistency3.5/5
Facilities and amenities4.2/5
Ease of access5/5
Value for money4.3/5
Customer service4.1/5


  • Spacious living areas
  • Relaxing views
  • Secluded enough 


  • Booking difficulties possible
  • No exclusive play areas for kids

Choosing CSC @ Changi’s seaside chalet was one of the best decisions our small team made in our hunt for the best staycation destinations out there. 

Aside from views of the sea in the morning, we also woke up to lush greenery surrounding the unit. The whole vibe of the place automatically put us in a laid-back mood. 

Additionally, we appreciate the spacious living and dining areas, plus the fully-equipped kitchen helped made meal preps a breeze.

The sheltered BBQ pit is also spacious enough to accommodate us during our lively barbecue parties at night. 

From: @nyurinshirahbh 

We loved the club’s clean pool, too! We like that lifeguards were looking out for us and other guests during our dip.

That said, the pool was about a 10-minute walk from our chalet, which might be a hassle for some. 

We had a minor issue with booking, too. It took three tries before we could reserve a unit due to problems with the club’s server.

And as we are not club members, we needed to pay for parking during our stay, too.

2. The Chevrons

The Chevrons's Homepage

Facilities/amenities: Home spaces, pool, gym


Address: 48 Boon Lay Way, Singapore 609961

Contact Details: +65 6668-8896 | [email protected]

Google Reviews4.2/5
Total reviews5/5
Score consistency3.5/5
Facilities and amenities4.3/5
Ease of access4/5
Value for money4.2/5
Customer service4.17/5


  • Modern, cozy room aesthetic
  • Near the pool
  • Location close to malls


  • Room maintenance needs work
  • Pool can get crowded during peak hours

My small band of companions loved the idea of a dip in the pool first thing in the morning.

Fortunately, The Chevrons made that possible with its strategically located chalets and bungalows.

From: Making Videos with 360

For instance, our chalet’s living room had direct access to the pool outside. The location certainly made the amenity more inviting.

We also loved the choice of furniture pieces for our unit, as it was a combination of elegant and cozy. 

And despite stripping down the elements to the simplest forms, there was a warm and lively feel in the interiors thanks to the mix of textures, colors, and placement of the pieces. 

The kitchenette was the one thing we had an issue with, as it’s a bit small for one of our team members (she likes to cook up a storm even on vacation). 

Our workaround was to grill some of our food on the BBQ pit and order food from the nearby mall.

We also think the chalet’s maintenance service needs improvement, at least where our unit is concerned (a few spaces in ours appeared to be cleaned haphazardly). 

3. HomeTeamNS

HomeTeamNS's Homepage

Facilities/amenities: Home spaces, private BBQ, pool, indoor playground


Address: 2 Bukit Batok West Ave 7, Singapore 659003

Contact Details: +65 6705-9499 | [email protected]

Google Reviews4.2/5
Total reviews5/5
Score consistency5/5
Facilities and amenities4.5/5
Ease of access4/5
Value for money4.2/5
Customer service4.3/5


  • Spacious rooms
  • Family-friendly activity areas
  • Villa secluded enough for relaxation


  • Booking is limited to club members and their relatives 
  • Interiors need improvement

To experience HomeTeamNS’ apparent family-friendly destination, one of our team members, Kim, booked a villa here with her kids in tow. 

Kim’s experience was a mix of fun and could-be-betters—but mostly fun thanks to the spacious chalets and the long list of activities inside and outside the unit.

She particularly loved the comfy, clean beds and homey sofa set. 

However, she’d wished there’d be a few elements that can enhance the place’s warmth like an accent wall in the living area or some art on the bedroom wall.

The pool and indoor playground, meanwhile, were a total hit to the kids! 

Kim also enjoyed the walk to the bowling and golf areas thanks to the green and well-kept surroundings.

Booking a villa here, though, is only possible if you are a club member or you’re related to one.

4. National Service Resort & Country Club

National Service Resort & Country Club's Homepage

Facilities/amenities: Home spaces, private BBQ pit, pool, gym, bowling area


Address: 10 Changi Coast Walk, Singapore 499739

Contact Details: +65 6542-2036 | [email protected]

Google Reviews4.3/5
Total reviews5/5
Score consistency3.5/5
Facilities and amenities4.5/5
Ease of access4.2/5
Value for money4.4/5
Customer service4.16/5


  • Gorgeous bungalow interiors
  • Offers calming views of the golf course
  • Plenty of recreational facilities


  • Limited to national servicemen and their relatives
  • Pricey golfing fees

Our team member, Ben, had the fortune of experiencing the many perks of the National Service Resort & Country Club (NSRCC). 

It’s difficult to pass up the opportunity if you’re a proud blood kin of a national serviceman as, according to Ben, the relaxation here goes beyond the lovely bungalows. 

The unit he stayed in particularly offers stunning views of the club’s 18-hole golf course. He said looking at the manicured grass, huge trees, and blue skies during sunrise was a calming experience.

He also bonded with relatives over multiple bowling games. Though, he said that the place then was busy, so they had to squeeze in time to use the facility.

Golfing, too, was an expensive affair, with family members needing to pay as high as $168 for an 18-hole game. 

That said, Ben praised the golf instructors, as they were helpful when he was still learning how to swing a club. 

5. Siloso Beach Resort

Siloso Beach Resort's Homepage

Facilities/amenities: Living areas and bedrooms, bathrooms, pool, mini bar, Jacuzzi


Address: 51 Imbiah Walk, Singapore 099538

Contact Details: +65 6722-3333 | [email protected]

Google Reviews4.2/5
Total reviews5/5
Score consistency3.5/5
Facilities and amenities4.3/5
Ease of access4/5
Value for money4.4/5
Customer service4.3/5


  • Stunning views 
  • Nice pool 
  • Villa is secluded and close to nature


  • Booking issues possible
  • Dated furniture pieces

For a change of pace, we left the clubs and stayed overnight at Siloso Beach Resort’s villa on Sentosa Island. 

We so loved the villa we stayed in for its exquisite furniture and stunning outdoor views. 

That said, we noticed that the furnishings, although exquisite, were a bit dated. Still, we think the aesthetic choice fits the resort’s theme, plus we appreciate the warmth of the space.

Aside from the natural spring pool, we loved spending time in the open-air Jacuzzi, with views of the resort’s flora and fauna to complete the experience.

The poster beds were lovely as well, but we think the mattress could be softer.

We also think that some of the room’s facilities needed an upgrade. For instance, our hot shower wasn’t working properly.

We didn’t mind the small inconveniences because of the beauty of the place, though.

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