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Relieve Your Muscles Top 5 Massage Places in Singapore's Homepage

Relieve Your Muscles: Top 5 Massage Places in Singapore

Range of services

We rated spas based on the number of massage options they offer and other wellness services.


We picked massage providers with environments that are relaxing, comfortable, and cozy.

Industry experience

We narrowed our list to massage centers that have been in the industry for a minimum of five years.

Customer service

We selected spas with a responsive customer desk for easy booking and inquiries. We also picked those with attentive and friendly staff and massage therapists.

1. Aramsa Garden Spa

Aramsa Garden Spa's Homepage

Services: Massage therapy, exfoliation therapy, kids’ massage, and more


Address: 1384 Ang Mo Kio Ave 1, Bishan Park 2, Singapore 569932

Contact Details: +65 6456-6556

Operating Hours: Monday to Wednesday, Sunday: 10:00 AM – 9:00 PM, Thursday to Saturday: 10:00 AM – 10:00 PM


  • Aramsa Touch: $168 – $220
  • Swedish Recharge: $168 – $220
  • Aroma Rich: $198 – $260
  • Inner Respite: $198 – $260
  • Shiatsu Focus: $198 – $260
Google Reviews4.9/5
Total reviews5/5
Score consistency5/5
Range of services5/5
Industry experience5/5
Customer service4.7/5
– Responsiveness4.5/5
– Attentiveness4.8/5
– Friendliness4.8/5


  • Beautiful garden setting
  • Plenty of massage options
  • Polite customer desk
  • Pre-natal massage available for expecting mums


  • Booking a session can be difficult
  • Location is a little hard to find

Aramsa Garden Spa’s location in the middle of a park is one of the prime reasons for our visit.

Thankfully, we had the time of our lives. We were ushered into a treatment room with large windows overlooking the greenery. 

Seeing the spacious quarters easily took our breaths away.

My teammate and I picked the Inner Respite therapy, as we wanted to experience a deep tissue massage. 

Our massage therapist didn’t disappoint. She accommodated my few requests to put more pressure on certain parts of my back.

My teammate, on the other hand, was so relaxed she fell asleep halfway through the 1.5-hour session. 

But while the massage itself was invigorating, we think Aramsa could use some improvement with its shower rooms. 

The ones we used after the session had a faint funky odor, and it quite lessened the magic of the experience.

Also, know that booking an appointment here is limited to phone calls, unlike other spas that provide an online booking form. 

I had some difficulty reaching the spa, as it was busy, and I had to talk a bit longer than intended, as sessions were booked for days.

My respite was that the customer desk staff I spoke with was polite and friendly.   

2. Ikeda Spa

Ikeda Spa's Homepage

Services: Heat-infused massage, remedial massage, therapeutic massage


Address: 787 Bukit Timah Rd, Singapore 269762

Contact Details: +65 6469-8080 | [email protected]

Operating Hours: Daily: 1:30 PM – 10:30 PM


  • Ganbanyoku Detox Massage: $210+
  • Shiatsu Acupuncture Massage: $170+
  • Anma Deep Tissue Massage: $190+
Google Reviews4.7/5
Total reviews5/5
Score consistency4.8/5
Range of services5/5
Industry experience5/5
Customer service4.63/5
– Responsiveness4.5/5
– Attentiveness4.7/5
– Friendliness4.7/5


  • Easy to reach location
  • Clean and scented rooms
  • Sincere and warm staff
  • Does not hard-sell


  • Pricey treatments
  • Reservations are required four weeks in advance

Ikeda Spa offers a unique Japanese onsen experience along with its iconic massage therapies, and we think combining these two services is perfect.

We availed of the private onsen bath followed by the Anma deep tissue massage. This package easily made us spend over $200, but we think the overall experience was worth the price.

Because we’re tired adults, we decided to dip into the Yamashiro onsen bath. The milky water and iris aroma did their magic, relieving us of our fatigue.

The hot soak was followed by a deep tissue massage. I think the massage therapist hit the sweet spot; she applied just the hard pressure on the parts I told her to target, loosening up some knots.

Private onsen baths in Ikeda are done in an enclosed space, though. Only the couple onsen package provides an outdoor view. 

My companion commented that the private onsen room was a bit uncomfortable for her, as she’s used to spacious baths. Nonetheless, she said that soaking in the hot water itself was rejuvenating.

I think it’s also a hassle that we needed to book four weeks in advance for the experience. Even returning clients can’t have the privilege of booking twice a month because of this rule, which is a bit of a bummer.

Also, note that Ikeda’s treatment rooms are not as luxurious as other spas. The decor and colors are mostly understated, and some are old-looking.

My respite, though, is that the place is clean.

3. Natureland

Natureland's Homepage

Services: Body massage, foot reflexology, prenatal massage, sports massage, and more


Address: 160 Orchard Rd, B1-12/13 Orchard Point, Singapore 238842

Contact Details: +65 6235-6780

Operating Hours: Daily: 9:00 AM – 2:00 AM


  • Body Therapy: $77.76 – $140.40 (non-members)
  • Foot Reflexology: $41.04 – $88.56 (non-members)
  • Sports Massage: $81 – $153.36 (non-members)
Google Reviews4.5/5
Total reviews5/5
Score consistency4.8/5
Range of services4.8/5
Industry experience5/5
Customer service4.8/5
– Responsiveness4.7/5
– Attentiveness4.85/5
– Friendliness4.85/5


  • Relatively affordable massage services
  • Long operating hours
  • Consistent massage quality
  • Has multiple outlets


  • Phone might be unreachable 
  • Might be too busy at times

Natureland is the perfect go-to for a straightforward Thai massage experience that won’t break the bank.

Massage prices here are relatively lower than those of other spas, but the relief I felt during my two-hour body therapy session was similar to my other spa experiences. 

Aside from the professional massage therapist, who worked hard to target my muscle knots, I also appreciate the overall vibe of the place.

I particularly loved the interior’s color palette with its calming earthy shades and soft lighting. The massage room I used was also spacious enough for me to feel at ease and comfortable.

It’s also nice that the outlet in Orchard Point is open until late, allowing me to book a service after office hours. 

I suggest that you book through WhatsApp for convenience, though, as the branch’s phone was often busy when I tried calling it.

Also, while I didn’t experience it, a few clients I talked to noted that coming here so late in the night might not be always a good idea, as the therapists assigned to them were visibly tired. 

One client even quipped that his masseur fell asleep for an instant. 

Still, these clients admitted that they were still impressed, as the quality of the massage remained satisfactory for them.

4. Healing Touch

Healing Touch's Homepage

Services: Body massage, facial treatments, slimming treatments


Address: 9 Bras Basah Rd, #03-03 Hotel Rendezvous Gallery, Singapore 189559

Contact Details: +65 6856-3640

Operating Hours: Daily: 11:00 AM – 10:30 PM


  • 4P TensionRelief Massage: $68 – $136.05
  • Moxa Massage: $81 – $162
  • Deep Tissue Massage: $68 – $136.05
  • Bojin Orthopaedic Massage: $75 – $150
Google Reviews4.4/5
Total reviews5/5
Score consistency4.6/5
Range of services4.75/5
Industry experience5/5
Customer service4.8/5
– Responsiveness4.7/5
– Attentiveness4.7/5
– Friendliness5/5


  • Reasonable rates
  • Location is easy to reach
  • Clean massage rooms


  • Parking fees are pricey
  • Interiors are too simple

Few massage services can beat Healing Touch when it comes to accessibility and affordability.

The outlet in Dhoby Gaut is only a few minutes away from the MRT (similar to the other branches). Meanwhile, the massage prices are reasonable, with no options exceeding $150. 

I tried the 4P tension relief massage when I visited here and requested the therapist to pay special attention to my back and leg soreness. 

Thankfully, my masseuse delivered. The pressure was just right, and most of my soreness was relieved within the 1.5-hour session.

The massage room was clean and cozy, too, so I was able to relax throughout the session.

One nitpick I have is that my massage quarter had thin walls, so I heard, albeit faintly, a conversation from the neighboring sessions. 

While this didn’t fully distract me, I could just imagine the annoyance if I ended up beside people with loud voices. 

Also, note that booking a session here can be difficult at times due to the outlet’s desirable location. You can either be patient and book a later date or opt for the other branches. 

5. The Thai Spa

The Thai Spa's Homepage

Services: Thai body massage, sports massage, Swedish massage, and more


Address: Suntec City Mall, Tower 1, North Wing, Level 3, #324, 3 Temasek Blvd, Singapore 038983

Contact Details: +65 6252-4400

Operating Hours: Daily: 11:00 AM – 9:30 PM


  • Candle Massage: $138 – $198
  • Four Hand Massage: $198 – $298
  • Thai Body Massage: $98 – $138
  • Face and Head Massage: $58
Google Reviews4.9/5
Total reviews5/5
Score consistency4/5
Range of services5/5
Industry experience4.5/5
Customer service4.73/5
– Responsiveness4.5/5
– Attentiveness4.7/5
– Friendliness5/5


  • Plenty of massage options
  • Discounted massage offers from Monday to Thursday
  • Easy to reach
  • Free ginger tea after the service


  • A bit pricey
  • Can be packed at times

The Thai Spa’s strongest pull is its wide selection of massage options. 

Despite its name, the spa’s services go beyond the usual yoga-like Thai massage, adding Swedish, deep tissue, and sports massages to the mix.

Another nice thing about Thai Spa is its location. The one I visited is inside a mall, so parking space is given, plus I got to eat and shop before and after the session.

I picked the Thai body massage, passing up the hard pressure types.

The session was a pleasant one. My massage therapist was gentle in her posture and stretching guidance but firm in pressing my points.

She was also friendly and reassuring, which made me feel more relaxed.

That said, it was a bit of a bummer that Thai Spa’s rates are quite pricey. I wasn’t keen about spending over $150 just to experience another massage (but I have to admit, it was so tempting).

I also like that the spa’s lovely interiors and the aroma wafting in the space managed to transport me to a place far from the hustle and bustle outside. Considering that its location is in a mall, that’s saying something.

I have to note, though, that I arrived at a packed reception when I visited, as the spa is a bit small.

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