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The 5 Leading Renovation Contractors In Singapore

The 7 Leading Renovation Contractors In Singapore

How We Picked the Leading Renovation Contractors in SG


We handpicked renovation contractors that are licensed and registered. On top of that, we also took into account their industry experience and the recognition they received from prestigious institutions.

Range of Services

We selected renovation contractors who offer other types of services beyond basic renovation and remodeling.  

Quality of Work

We narrowed down this list to renovation contractors who are known to produce high-quality renovation results.


We noted the different price points that renovation contractors offer for your ease of reference. The higher the score, the more affordable.

1. Home Reno Pte. Ltd.

Home Reno Pte. Ltd. Homepage

Services: HDB & Condo, BTO (HDB) Renovation, BTO (HDB) Project Basis, Home Improvement, Landed Property 

Website: Home Renovation | HDB | Condo | Landed | Home Reno Pte Ltd

Address: Blk 116, Toa Payoh Lorong 2, #01-150, Singapore 310116 

Contact Details: 81890866 

Operating Hours: Monday to Sunday: 11:00 am – 9:00 pm 

Google Reviews4.3/5
Total Reviews4.5/5
Score Consistency4/5
Range of Services4.5/5
Quality of Work4/5


  • Offers renovation packages
  • Offers free quotation
  • Affordable


  • Sparse portfolio
  • Not responsive on their hotline

If you want to renovate but don’t want to break the bank, Home Reno can be your topmost option. In fact, they offer a lot of affordable packages that are currently their bestsellers.

HDB and condo packages, home improvement packages, and landed property packages—you name it, they have it all for you!

And while they are mainly sought after for their packages, that doesn’t mean they don’t do customized renovation plans.

In fact, once you’ve given them a design plan or explained your vision for your home renovation, they will immediately give you a free quotation just so you could have an idea of how much everything will cost.

Now when it comes to the quality of their labor, many have echoed the sentiment that Home Reno’s contractors are capable of replicating what you have in mind.

However, you won’t find much visual proof of this online since their portfolio is pretty sparse. Plus, the projects they chose to display are quite frankly plain.

For this, we fear that positive word-of-mouth and client reviews might not be enough to convince prospective clients of what they can actually do since their portfolio doesn’t really reflect it.

We’ve also noticed that they don’t offer any initial consultancy or channel where you can send an inquiry besides their hotline.

Plus, we’ve had some difficulty reaching out to them since they weren’t really responsive to our calls.  

2. Home Guide

Home Guide Homepage

Services: BTO, HDB Resale, Condominium, Landed Property, Interior Design, Consultancy 

Website: The Best Home Interior Design Company in Singapore (

Address: 2 Leng Kee Road, #02-03, Thye Hong Centre, Singapore 159086 

Contact Details: +65 6253 2539 / 

Operating Hours:

Monday to Friday: 10:00 am – 7:00 pm, by appointment only 

Saturday, Sunday, and Public Holiday: By appointment only 

Google Reviews4.6/5
Total Reviews4/5
Score Consistency4.5/5
Range of Services4/5
Quality of Work4.5/5


  • Offers renovation packages
  • Reasonably priced
  • Member of CaseTrust


  • Doesn’t do renovation works in office and commercial spaces and landed properties
  • Need to book an appointment before responding to general inquiries 

While Home Guide is generally known for its state-of-the-art interior design services, this company’s renovation contractors are nothing to disregard either.

Home Guide’s team of licensed renovation contractors is very organized and professional when it comes to renovation work. In fact, their dedication to their profession has led to them becoming members of CaseTrust.

For those who don’t know, CaseTrust is accredited by the Consumer’s Association of Singapore to set a de facto standard for companies that are committed to exhibiting transparency and fair trade to their consumers.

So just by this fact alone, there’s really no questioning when it comes to Home Guide’s legitimacy.

However, it’s worth noting that the renovation contractors at Home Guide only specialize in HDBs. Therefore, offices, commercial spaces, and landed properties are not part of their services.

Still, we think that this company is worth looking into, especially for HDB owners who are looking for renovation packages that could range between $10,000 and over $20,000.

Of course, the pricing will depend on how many rooms you have in your home. But overall, we still think that the cost of their service is pretty reasonable.

We’d like to caution you though that you can only consult with Home Guide’s renovation contractors and have an exact quotation for your renovation plans once you’ve booked an appointment with them.

3. Reno Guys

Reno Guys Homepage

Services: Interior Design, Additions & Renovations, Custom Cabinet, Woodwork Products & Customized Products 

Website: Renovation Contractor | Reno Guys Singapore

Address: 71 Woodlands Ave 10, Woodlands Industrial Xchange, #07-19, Singapore 737743 

Contact Details: +65 6993 888 / 

Operating Hours:

Monday to Friday: 9:00 am – 5:00 pm ‘

Saturday and Sunday: Closed  

Google Reviews4.4/5
Total Reviews5/5
Score Consistency4/5 
Range of Services4.5/5
Quality of Work5/5 


  • Bonded, licensed, and insured renovation contractors
  • Provides a detailed portfolio
  • Delivers high-quality work


  • Cases of slow work turnaround
  • Not transparent with their pricing

Reno Guys is perhaps one of the most renowned renovation companies in Singapore, and many Singaporeans, including us, can attest to it!  

For starters, this company has been in the industry for more than three decades now and they strive to provide the best renovation work.

Their renovation contractors are licensed, bonded, and insured, which means they’re recognized as professionals in this trade.

We particularly like that Reno Guys’ contractors are perfectionists and take their time to achieve the vision that you have in mind. A peek at their portfolio can convince you straight away.

However, striving for perfection is not always good, especially when it could affect their efficiency. Unfortunately, some clients shared their dismay about their slow work turnaround.

Still, we are hopeful that these are isolated cases and not representative of the entire company’s work ethic.

So if you’re still considering Reno Guys, we would lastly like you to note that they’re not publicly transparent about their pricing. Make sure to ask for a quote in your initial inquiry so they will process it faster.  

4. Jaystone Renovation

Jaystone Renovation Homepage

Services: Renovation Contractor Service, Bathroom Toilet Renovation, Kitchen Renovation, Carpentry, Floor Tiling 

Website: Renovation Contractor Singapore – Jaystone Direct Contractor (

Address: 34 Boon Leat Terrace, #04-12B, Singapore 119866 

Contact Details: +65 6653 6215 / 

Operating Hours:

Monday to Friday: 10:00 am – 6:00 pm 

Saturday and Sunday: Closed  

Google Reviews4.3/5
Total Reviews4/5
Score Consistency4.5/5 
Range of Services4.5/5
Quality of Work4.5/5


  • Direct contractors, no third-party service providers needed
  • Caters to office space, condo, and HDB renovation


  • Not transparent with their pricing
  • Slow to respond on inquiries sent via hotline or by email

Jaystone Renovation prides itself on quality workmanship, and after reviewing their company, we understand why.

For starters, their team of renovation contractors is composed of expert carpenters, tilers, and other types of renovation workers, which means that they’re knowledgeable about every aspect related to renovation.

On top of that, we really like that the renovation contractors at Jaystone Renovation classify as direct contractors. This means that they will procure everything for you and won’t require you to hire other people to do a specific job, like tiling or carpentry.

Moreover, these contractors also cater to HDBs, condos, and office renovations. So their scope of services is really broad and can be compatible with the needs of many prospective clients.

It’s just a bit of a bummer that they’re not publicly transparent about the cost of their services. The only way to acquire a rough estimate of the renovation cost for your space is by contacting them on their hotline or via email.

Unfortunately, they’re not very quick to respond. Our initial inquiry alone took a couple of days. 

5. Hoong Fatt Heng Renovation

Hoong Fatt Heng Renovation Homepage

Services: Hacking, Tiling Services, Plumbing, Carpentry, Painting 

Website: Hoong Fatt Heng Renovation Pte Ltd | Renovation Contractors|Singapore (

Address: 322F Changi Road, Singapore 419797 

Contact Details: +65 9006 1763 / 

Operating Hours:

Monday to Friday: 10:00 am – 7:00 pm 

Saturday: 11:00 am – 5:00 pm 

Sunday: Closed  

Google Reviews5/5
Total Reviews4/4
Score Consistency4.5/5 
Range of Services4.5/5
Quality of Work3.5/5


  • Established in 1981
  • BCA-certified renovation contractors


  • Renovation works aren’t the most visually pleasing
  • Not publicly transparent with pricing

Since its establishment in 1981, Hoong Fatt Heng still maintains its position as one of Singapore’s go-to renovation contractors for many good reasons.

Their years of service nearly top all renovation companies on this list. And in terms of license and recognition, the renovation contractors at Hoong Fatt Heng are also Building and Construction Authority (BCA)-certified.

Their efficiency shouldn’t be disregarded either. In fact, despite dealing with hacking, plumbing, carpentry, ceiling works, and roofing, they still manage to achieve a fast work turnaround.

When it comes to their portfolio, we really appreciate that they put the effort into curating and organizing their projects for everyone’s ease of reference. 

However, it is evident that their designs are a bit simplistic and if we’re being honest, quite plain.

Sure, their workmanship looks top-notch, but aesthetically speaking, Hoong Fatt Heng’s renovation designs are not the best ones in the industry.

6. Sense & Semblance



Address: 1 Pemimpin Dr, #04-07 One Pemimpin, Singapore 576151

Contact Details: +65 6904 9006

Operating Hours: Monday to Saturday: 9:30 am – 6:00 pm 

Google Reviews5/5
Total Reviews5/5
Score Consistency5/5
Range of Services5/5
Quality of Work5/5


  • Aesthetic color combinations used
  • Professional and punctual services
  • Highly personalized and transparent


  • Rates of their services aren’t readily available online

Sense & Semblance is a firm that accommodates a wide range of interior design projects that are excellent for all types of spaces and purposes clients may need a renovation and remodeling of their establishment for,

They are comprised of a professional team who are highly certified and diversely experienced in the area of interior design to ensure clients that they will be guided every step of the project process.

We like that they are able to combine into their designs the aesthetic and practical appeal when it comes to the usage of space to ensure that clients can fully enjoy all aspects of their space’s functionality.

Note though that their services aren’t readily rated so clients may need to inquire further for more information on their pricing and other similar concerns as well.

Overall, with their smart use of interior design concepts, excellent and transactional customer relationships, and highly experienced specialists in the field, we highly recommend them to clients in the area looking for such services.

7. TK Contractors

Services: Carpentry, Renovation Services, Professional Services, Supply & Install


Address: 6D Mandai Estate, #03-12 M-space, Singapore 729938

Contact Details: +65 9115 8246 /

Operating Hours: Monday – Saturday: 9AM – 6PM

Google Reviews Score5/5
Facebook Reviews ScoreN/A
Total Reviews 4/5
Score Consistency4/5
Total Cost4/5
Customer Experience5/5
Quality of Work5/5


  • Versatile and professional team of personnel
  • Responsive and knowledgeable customer service
  • Punctual and quality services


  • Rates of their services aren’t readily available

TK Contractors is a firm that offers a broad variety of interior design and remodeling services for both commercial and residential establishments.

They have since then been assisting clients with hassle-free one-stop-shop solutions when it comes to the experience and workmanship to give not only well-maintained projects but also excellent furnishings, ranging from office renovations to electrical services, among others.

Past clients have commended them for their versatility in the services they give wherein should they encounter problems along the way – a solution is flawlessly and conveniently done to remedy this.

However, their service pricing are not easily displayed on their website, so prospective consumers must contact them and fill out their quote form.

Nonetheless, with their exceptional selection of expert remodeling services, thorough and included warranties, and highly customized packages and services, we urge that interested parties contact them.

FAQs about the Leading Renovation Contractors in Singapore

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